There's A Time For Everything, Even When You Think You Have Everything Down
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There's A Time For Everything, Even When You Think You Have Everything Down

Everything happens for a reason.

There's A Time For Everything, Even When You Think You Have Everything Down

Timing. Have you ever heard someone say "It's not the right time." I hate to say it, but they are right. Everything that happens in your life, happens at a specific moment. Not two seconds before or five minutes later, but at that EXACT moment. For example, you're driving and a car runs a red light and hits the car in front of you.

If you left your home, let's say, two seconds earlier, that could have been you. Scary.

Timing. It affects your whole life. There was a reason you weren't with that cute boy in the 12th grade, but you are now. Maybe you two weren't ready enough to be brought together yet. Maybe you both had some more maturing to do.

Who knows, if you two happened in the past, then maybe you two wouldn't even be talking to each other now. Funny how both of you could have gone through many relationships before the two of you came together.

Generally speaking, it might feel like you never be with that person, but "surprises are the best." Also, if that door doesn't ever open, there IS a reason for that.

Someone is saving you from a failed relationship and a heartbreak.

Timing. It sucks. It holds so much power, yet seems like it's no big deal. I wish that was true because if that was the case, everything in my life would be different.

That's the thing though. I wouldn't want to change a single thing in my life because if one thing is different than it wouldn't be the life I know. Timing is the one thing in life you can't control.

You think you have everything down, but one thing: "Timing, but timing's a b****."

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