Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?
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Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

We sketch in our minds the quote, "Everything happens for a reason"...but what does that truly mean?

Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

All my life, through the great times and the tough times, I have always told myself that, “Everything happens for a reason”. From the happiness and excitement to the sadness and disappointment, and everything in get through life, I molded that quote into my mind over and over again.

As time has passed by and my relationship with God grew stronger, I have come to realize something far beyond my original understanding. After years and years of telling myself “Everything happens for a reason”, I began to question myself...does everything really happen for a reason? If everything truly did happen for a reason, why would God let such terrible things happen?

Back when my mom passed away from cancer, I began to create excuses as to why God may have made this happen. I still trusted in Him and believed in Him more than ever, but I was just confused. Did we do something wrong? Did he need her up in Heaven for some crazy reason we don’t understand? I needed something to help it all make sense. I kept searching trying to figure out what possible "reason" there was as to why she had to go so soon. It seemed it was always the good people who died too young, who lost their jobs, who had a horrible accident, who lost their loved ones...the list goes on and on.

It was just recently I came to realize something I should have realized long before. I realized that despite my understanding for all those years, everything does NOT happen for a reason.

God doesn’t want your loved ones to die young. God doesn’t want you to lose your job. God doesn’t want you to get a cancer diagnosis. God doesn’t want heartbreak.

Things like this, do NOT happen for a reason.

The devil likes to mess with our lives and throw curveballs at us hoping that we will blame our troubles on God and, in the end, try to draw us away from God and weaken our relationship with him.

While the devil may bring these horrible things into our lives, it is God who assures us that everything is going to be okay.

It is God who puts people in our lives to help us get through the hard times. It is God who uses people on earth as his hands and feet for those in need. It is God who has a plan for each and every one of us so that although the devil tries to mess with us, we will always trust in God and that God will always have our back to make sure we are okay. THAT right there, is the stuff that happens for a reason.

God is there for us when we think that nothing will ever get better. The love He puts on earth for us, the people He introduces us to, the places He leads us to go...that right there is all is for a reason...all a part of His perfect plan. His plan is so perfect for all of us.

So, the next time a tragedy hits you or your loved ones, don’t be mad at God. Yeah, a horrible thing happened to you, a death occurred, you lost your job, whatever it may be...everything bad is not in His control, BUT everything GOOD is.

So, the answer you all have been waiting for...does everything happen for a reason? Well, you can't answer that with a solid yes or no. I believe, that while everything may not occur for a reason, I do believe that everything in your life has a purpose. God takes the worst of situations and blesses you in so many ways you may not even realize. Everything in your life may not happen for the good, or many say "for a reason", BUT God does have a plan for all of us despite any troubles the devil may throw...and it is the perfect plan.

So...the next time you hit a hard time in your life...instead of saying "Everything happens for a reason", tell yourself, "God has a plan for me to move forward", and know that He's got your back.

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