Having the habit of meditating or taking a second to just breath every day in college will go a long way. College is a stressful time and we don't take the second to remind ourselves we just need to relax. We're still young and we still need to take care of our bodies. The best way to do that is by meditating or taking a yoga class. Every college student should get into the habit of doing one of these for these 10 reasons. I was lucky enough over the summer to try it out at my local yoga studio Blue Heron Wellness.

Makes you feel happier

College gives us lots a struggles. It helps to have a positive mind.

Improves your memory

Classes require lots of memorization of terms and mediation helps improve your memory.

Reduces stress

We are all stressed in college with activities, class work, and jobs. Meditation can help reduce your stress by doing it once a day.

Improves sleep

By doing meditation, it helps your body calm down in order to get a full night's rest.

Improves concentration 

Meditation trains your brain to be better at focusing on other things like during class.

Encourages healthy habits 

By doing meditation once a day you are doing something good for your body so it encourages you to eat healthy or workout more.

Encourages weight loss

Trying to get rid of the freshman 15?

Free stress relief

Doesn't cost a penny.

Strengthens your immune system

Can't afford to get sick in college.

Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

These are two common problems that every college student encounters and meditation helps prevent both of them.

I miss taking my yoga classes back home, so meditating every day reminds me of that and gives me all these benefits. Get out your calming music and practice. They have a lot of information on the web on how to mediate for beginners and it works great!