I think everyone has heard this song at least once. Lately, more than ever, it has been resonating with my heart. Recently God revealed to me something that I never saw coming. I am beyond blessed for the opportunity laid out before me, but that doesn’t make the situation easy.

Making big decisions isn’t easy. Making life decisions isn’t easy. A lot of life isn’t easy, let’s just be honest. God never promised easy, He promised to be there with us through it, and to give us strength though the journey.

Life has a way of testing us, and tempting us to drift. If we place our trust correctly, in the rock of our Redeemer, our trust will hold no matter the forces fighting against it.

No matter what we go through, God won't leave us stranded in situations that we can’t handle. That doesn’t mean that we won’t face trials and temptations. God is going to be there with us no matter what, and it is well. He is well.

When you chose to leave mountains unmovable, give me the strength to be able to sing it is well with my soul.

When my world feels like it is crumbling below me, it is still well.

If God is calling you to something and you haven’t seen His goodness manifest in it yet, it is still well.

If your dream was crushed, He holds that, and it is still well.

If your relationship is failing, it is still well.

No matter what, it is still well, He is still God, and He is still good.

When all is well, then all is well.

In Painful times, God is strengthening you, and it is well. In peaceful times, God is restoring you, and it is well. In ALL times, God is loving you, and it is still well. The love of God is stronger than we can ever hope or dream. No matter what is going wrong, it is still well. You’ve been made new again. I speak release, I speak that it is truly well with your soul.

I pray for the souls of those reading this. I pray that they have peace in knowing that no matter what You’re doing in their hearts, God, that they can see that it is still well. God, that whatever stressful situations they’re in, whether it be in school, in their job, at home, with their kids, whatever it is God, that you just let them know that it is well. Sometimes we can’t understand why things are happening the way that they are, but I pray that we can start seeing your goodness in everything and have faith that it is well with our souls, no matter what, it is well, God…