EVE Online: The Largest And Most Expensive Online Battle In Gaming History

EVE Online: The Largest And Most Expensive Online Battle In Gaming History

The number of players who participated is calculated to more than 7,500, while the battle cost around $330,000.

Online gaming is a great way for people around the globe to communicate in a virtual environment and entertain themselves. Most online games involve conflicts between the players. The most catastrophic conflict that has been noted so far, took place on January 27, 2014 in a game called "EVE Online."

"EVE Online" is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) that was developed by CCP Games in 2003. The game gives players the freedom to move freely in a vast universe and choose their role from a wide range of attributes, such as miners, pirates, traders, and explorers.

Story Line

The story line of the game follows humankind several thousands of years in the future, where the planet Earth has become a place of destitution. Humans have started to colonize other planets around the galaxy in order to ensure their survival. The key to colonizing other planets, and at the same time, being connected to Earth, was the gate of EVE, which was unexpectedly destroyed and plunged the human race into chaos and isolation. Many races could not overcome these factors, and became extinct, while the struggle for survival was more necessary than ever. The races that survived, and acquired power through this struggle, inevitably became the most influential in a world, where peace is more than fragile.

The largest and most expensive virtual battle in online gaming history

"EVE Online" was already popular with tens of thousands of players. However, its popularity rose critically, after what the players and the media called, Bloodbath of 'B-R5RB' or 'Titanomachy'. What triggered this battle was unpaid dues of a player, who was renting a space station from another player, paying with game currency. The latter raised a destructive army of players in order to retake the space station. The renter responded by raising great numbers of soldiers, and the battle began. This situation brought about many players who were more than willing to choose sides.

Consequently, the situation escalated and resulted to the most epic online battle that gamers have ever seen. It was calculated that more than 7,500 actual players participated in a battle that lasted 21 hours. According to polygon.com, the massive destruction cost a total of $330,000 to the players who participated, due to damage and annihilation of plenty of gaming equipment, such as spaceships, and Titans (the biggest spaceships that the game can provide).


Most gaming websites have enthusiastically embraced "EVE Online," something that can be shown through their reviews. Below, is a small table depicting the reviews given to this game, by several popular sites.

Gaming websites








Common Sense Media


Other online games that have scored such high ratings in Metacritic and Common Sense Media include, "World of Warcraft," and "League of Legends."

According to Krystal Power, an "EVE Online" player, who talked to us about the event:

"I felt every hair on my body rise as I saw all these players getting ready for the greatest online battle in the gaming history."

For "EVE Online" players, an event will take place in Las Vegas on Oct. 23-25


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