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Europe In Pictures

My favorite memories abroad, captured in pictures

Europe In Pictures

The summer of 2016 was one that changed my life forever. I spent my time traveling throughout Europe, all on my own, making memories to last a lifetime. In the months I spent studying abroad, I must have taken nearly 4,000 pictures, in an attempt to capture the beauty I was blessed to experience. While some may say no picture can do such a thing, here are some of my favorite memories, captured in pictures.

My first day in Rome, taken on the roof of the American University of Rome.

View from the top of the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)

The Roman Colosseum

Villa Doria Pamphili

One of the most beautiful places I discovered, Il Cimitero Acattolicico di Roma (The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome)

Outdoor Markets = The Best Markets, taken at Mercato Testaccio

Roseto Comunale (Rome Rose Garden)

The rain didn't stop me from attending Mass with the Pope, taken in Vatican City

A celebration at Villa Medici

Tiber River at sunset

Getting lost at 3:00 am in Rome isn't so bad when you stumble upon the Vatican

Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament Building, taken from a Danube river cruise in Budapest, Hungary

Overlooking Budapest, taken from the Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary

Neighborhood in Passau, Germany

Exploring the colorful streets of Passau, Germany

Still water of Salerno, Italy

Ferry ride to Positano, Italy

Nazario Fusco Art Gallery in Positano, Italy

Rock beaches and clear water, Amalfi, Italy

il Giardino della Minerva, a botanic garden located in the heart of Salerno, Italy

Inside the castle of Fornelli, Italy

Overlooking Frosolone, Italy

Walking the streets my ancestors once walked in the beautiful town of Frosolone, Italy

Overlooking Lago di Barrea in the charming village of Barrea, Italy

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