Entering My Final Semester Of COllege

Going Into My Final Semester Of College

Holy Moley, time flew.


Freshmen year of college I had towers of fresh notebooks, brand new bedding, and excited jitters all over. This was a new beginning for me and I could smell the adventures and friendships ahead. Now, I am here going into my final semester of this chapter, and all I can think about is HOW?!

I am so excited to see and guide the incoming freshmen as they are in the same position I was three years ago. Their excitement reminds me why I continued on this path. There is so much to do, so much to experience, and so much to learn. Not only in the classroom, but in the dorm, on Friday nights, in the cafeteria, and even late nights in the library.

I learned so much in my freshmen year, even before the end. I learned about true friendship and temporary friends. Not everyone you meet the first day is a forever friend, even if you have a class or mutual friends in common. I learned that some people are selfish and can't think past the tip of their nose. I learned that trust is something that should be earned, not just handed out like candy on Halloween. I learned what to truly look for in a friend, and not let a toxic person take over my life again.

Aside from the social education, I figured out exactly what I wanted to do after college. Of course, I didn't figure it out until towards the end of the school year. I got so excited I almost wished my college years away. That was a mistake I hope no one else makes.

The last three years have been my own road. I have attended events just because (there was free food), volunteered for causes I believe in, taken internships to better my communication and skills, made spontaneous trips to explore the world around me, met people I never knew would impact my world they way they did and made connections in all corners along the way. My only regret is not getting involved sooner and taking more chances.

Five years from now, I hope I am living my best life; have my dream career in hand, a fur baby, and a nice place to live. A year from now, I hope to have a job and be successfully "adulting.". In four months from now, I will be a college graduate ready to take on the world.

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3 Comforting Phrases That Have Been Given To Me Throughout My Lifetime

Sometimes there are some upside downs to life and one needs to hear some comforting words in order to cheer up.

Amy Chai
Amy Chai

Sometimes there are some upside downs to life and one needs to hear some comforting words in order to cheer up. Here are my top three favorite words of comfort that really cheer me up:

1. "You did your best"

There are some things that one have done all they could for example, on an art project, homework, studying, etc. but does not go the way they want it to. That is part of life. This phrase helps show that all your efforts on an art project, homework or studying etc. are all worth and that one should keep continuing to work hard no matter what.

2. "Don't worry"

These two simple, powerful words that make everything stressful go away. Sometimes one's mind becomes so full of stress and becomes full of things to worry about, they do not have time to listen to others. However, if one decides to calm down and talk out their problems or about the things that are stressing them, there will be some people who will say these two words, "don't worry." This helps me a lot throughout my life. Usually, worrying does not help at all.

3. "Don't compare yourself to others"

There are many times that one might be compared to other people. For me, I usually get upset when I get compared to other people a lot. However, everyone is different. There is no point in being compared to others. The people who are comparing a person to others do not understand what the person has experienced through nor know who the person really is. Although some people say comparison to others shows consideration for improvement, the people who actually say that, do not know that they are actually hurting and discouraging the person.

Therefore, it is still very horrible that people still compare a person to others. Therefore, this phrase, "don't compare yourself to others," is one of the best words of comfort to hear. Plus, if everyone is the same, there will be no uniqueness. Also, success comes from being unique. Just be yourself.

Amy Chai
Amy Chai

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7 Ways Sisterhood Is More Than Instagram Posts

There is a sisterhood behind the lens.

Being in a sorority is fun. There's Bid Day, Big/Little Reveal, Philanthropy events, socials, formals, recruitment and fundraising events. There is always a chance for an Instagram moment. There is always a camera waiting for the right moment.

I have had many Instagram worthy sorority moments. The posed laughter, the Big/Little family pic, the sorority squat. Name one, I probably have a photo of it. But that is not all I have received from my sisters. It is so much more than just taking photos and "pretending" we like each other.

1. My sisters have empowered me.

I have broken out of my shell in college. I have taken chances I normally would be to shy to take. I have grown into a whole different woman than I was my freshman year of college.

2. My sisters have given me a chance.

They saw potential in me as a strong member in their chapter. They believed I would represent their sisterhood the best I could. They gave me my first set of letters and I have worn my letters on my heart every day since.

3. My sisters have given me opportunities.

I have the chance to change lives through philanthropy. I have a network of sisters from all walks of life. I have been able to travel and become a leader in my community.

4. My sisters have given me all different friendships.

I meet girls from all types of fields and backgrounds. I wouldn't have crossed paths with them if it weren't for my sorority. I would've missed out on some spectacular women without this sisterhood.

5. My sisters have not let me take on life alone.

At my lowest moments, I have always found a sister who would be there for me. I've had a shoulder to cry on, an ear who would listen and a hand to hold if I felt alone.

6. My sisters have reminded me that I am just one person.

I know, right?! How can I forget something so basic? I have put so much pressure on myself to be perfect and super-human, but my sisters have forgiven my mistakes and cut me slack when I've been pushing myself too much. They love me for who I am and understand the rocky road of college.

7. My sisters have been so supportive through it all.

I have built so many memories and experienced so much with this beautiful group of ladies. They know I will conquer my obstacles and they will always be on the sidelines for me.

Being one of the older members, I have found myself in the position to be there for my new sisters. I want to show them the experience behind the Instagram post. I am more than an Instagram photo and so is my sisterhood. I adore the women that share my letters.

Cover Image Credit: Jennifer Wunder

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