5 ways December birthdays suck sometimes
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4 Ways December Birthdays Suck...Sometimes

Being a December baby I have the right to truly say that having a birthday and Christmas is sometimes overwhelming.

4 Ways December Birthdays Suck...Sometimes

Christmas time is already one of the busiest times of the year. You have so many dinner plans, gifts to buy and wrap, traveling, and top of all that you the DECEMBER BABIES. I am one of them,(sorry mom and dad), and I am proud of it. Yet, I know there are a lot of things that I miss out on



December is a weird month to have a birthday in especially, with the weather. Forecast of the week can be a mix of warm, snow, ice, or straight up freezing. So, it makes it impossible to have an outside party for your birthday.

2. Why not both?


I have never had to deal with this, but I know some who have. When your parents make the ultimate decision to combined both your birthday and Christmas. I see how it is easier for the parents to keep everything under control, I get I get. HOWEVER, from the people whom I know that have their birthday with Christmas say it ruins the special moments of having a birthday.

3. Frustrating for family.


Okay, so I have to buy gram and pops their presents, my cousin's presents, and my other side of the family presents...who am I missing...CRAP. A December birthday is just another layer of frustration that is added on to this crazy Holiday. (Well, at least from my boyfriend's point of view 🤣)

4. Scheduling parties.


I know I spend a great deal of time having to remember which house I have to go to or which party I have to attend to. I have to be at Gram and Pop's at 9 am for my birthday party, another one at 2 pm, and a final one at 5 pm. All at different places. Yayyyyy...

There are definitely good things about December birthdays. You get a snowy birthday...sometimes. Overall, it's a good time and I love having my birthday during this time of year. You have a very festive birthday and Christmas is a very big plus. I'm still hoping for a white birthday this year. 🤞

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