Enjoy The Climb Not Just The View - An Answer To Your Why's
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Enjoy The Climb Not Just The View - An Answer To Your Why's

"You will grow and evolve because of your willingness to fail, to suck, to navigate murky waters, and to trust regardless of what happens." - Peta Kelly

Enjoy The Climb Not Just The View - An Answer To Your Why's

Nobody volunteers to go through hard painful shit.

Let me finally be the one to say it out loud.

Everyone wants to grow, be successful, concur their dreams and that's all we ever really talk about. How you got there. That's great and all, yeah the achievement is really something special but I want to hear about how hard the climb was.The ups and down; the moments you figured it out, the moments you took a step back and needed to change the big picture.

How some days you didn't want to get out of bed. How some days you got pushed over again and again and yeah again. How some days you felt like you were out of air and there was no possible way you could climb more. How some days you just wanted to give up.

Those are the moments that made you, you.

We can all focus on the 5 seconds of fame, thinking we can skip a bunch of steps to get there, but god that probably won't get you far. Standing on top is merely a fraction of the journey.

How you got there, well that's the rest of your best selling biography. That's where you tell the story of how you got pushed over so many countless times yet you still got up and continued to climb. That's where you tell everyone not the what but the why to your story.

Why you were able to keep going. Why the hardest moments taught you the most.

Where you explain how ripping yourself out of bed was worth it because you finally found that driving force you were looking for that day. Where you explain how after missing a step and slip-sliding down half the mountain, you found a hidden oasis you didn't even know was there. Where you explain how good it feels to learn to vast in simple moments -they end up being the most important. Where you explain why every step was worth it.

Please stop focusing solely on that one moment you're going to make it because yeah that's going to feel good, but then you're simply going to be onto your next climb.

So embrace the journey that teaches you how to thrive, and start letting yourself embrace how badass you are, continuing the climb.

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