Elon vs. JMU Football
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Even If You Live And Breathe Football I Bet You Still Missed The Biggest Upset In College Football Last Week

Elon vs. JMU #fbsfootball

Even If You Live And Breathe Football I Bet You Still Missed The Biggest Upset In College Football Last Week

You might be thinking, Elon Musk? JMwho? Yes, these are real schools with real football programs on the east coast. These are D1 schools are in the FCS, not to be confused with the FBS, with more known schools like Alabama, Clemson, and Texas. BIG things happened last week and let me tell you why this upset is not to be ignored.

1. This was JMU's first conference loss in 20 games 


JM sucks to be U

2. This was JMU's first loss at home in 18 games 


Sorry not sorry.

3. JMU was ranked 2nd, while Elon was ranked 9th 


A top 10 match up for the ages.

4. Elon has had a BAD 10 years of college football 


Phoenix football sank like the stock market in 2008, but WE ARE BACK.

5. In 2015, JMU beat Elon 51 to 0


Major yikes.

6. In 2016, JMU beat Elon 63 to 14


Maybe next year? Hahaha nope.

7. In 2017, JMU beat Elon 31 to 3


And Elon had a winning record and a spot in the play offs this year....

8. Elon was not favored to win this year AT ALL


Predicted to lose by 13.3 points, to be exact.

27-24: A score that will go down in history. Ok, maybe not history, but this was a big win for Elon and a huge loss for JMU so God bless American and roll Phoenix. #WeWantBama #WeWantCollegeGameDay

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