Elevate And Create: The Age Of The Entrepreneur
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Elevate And Create: The Age Of The Entrepreneur

Embrace the boss within.

Elevate And Create: The Age Of The Entrepreneur

The year is 2016, we have advanced far enough in society to the point where the powers that be allowed us to have the first President of the United States with African lineage. Although there has been a lot of underhand corruption in the system, we the people have made tremendous efforts to demand justice and fair opportunity for all. If President Barack Obama did nothing else, the major effect he has on people, especially the youth, is the knack to inspire hope.

In an ever-present technological generation we have many ways and chances for people to learn, connect, and create more conveniently . In many ways as a capitalistic society we have grew and continue to do so. In the words of the genius Mark Zuckerberg "The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks." Seeing as though he was one of the founders of the massive social network known as "Facebook," he has the credentials to speak on the topic from personal experience. All types of small businesses have been sprouting up over the years, some doing exceptionally well, while others have less financial success.

Contrary to popular belief and the images portrayed in the media, the faces behind these businesses vary from light to dark and everything in between. Corporations have the funds and power to market on a wider scale and drill their products and services into our heads through billboards, commercials, and other tactics but the small business are the quiet engines of progress that keep the country running powerfully.

Small businesses provide 99.7 percent of the employers in America, obviously the majority of the workforce that pushes our economy ahead is not from the super rich corporations. The American Dream, or the hunger for success is deeply embedded in all types of people scattered across the globe. Let's not forget the many young entrepreneurs that took their personal interests and new technology that are available and created on a daily basis. Instead of just being a consumer I believe every one with an able mind and body should try their hand at starting their own business or turning their skills or hobbies into a source of income and actually being a bigger asset to the world as a whole.

Look at people such as Mary Ogwana, she used to live in a one bedroom house made of metal in Kampala, Uganda with her husband who made two dollars a day as police officer and their eleven children. After years of struggling and living in less than admirable conditions, she learned about BeadForLife, a nonprofit that trains women in Kampala to make beads out of recycled paper. The beads were made into bracelets, necklaces, and other types of hand made jewelry and sold on the internet and at parties in Europe and the United States. After earning money from the beads she crafted, she purchased a sewing machine and the began making children's sweaters. After selling the sweaters she was able to increase her income and change the living conditions for her family and herself, building a new brick house with better infrastructure and showing her children and others from her community that you can achieve more for yourself if you work hard and dream big. Mary Ogwang is just one of the examples of the millions of people who can and are taking their lives into their own hands and taking risks for rewards, after all you never know what you can accomplish until you try.

The entrepreneurial spirit is roaring loudly in some and others have the sleeping hustle in them that can be awoken at the right moment. I know for sure if everyone dug deep and brought that greatness to the surface we would all be astonished by the major differences we make in ourselves, then our households, transferring to our communities, and then eventually affecting the entire country and places abroad.

I myself am apart of an up and coming clothing line called LivLuvCulture. We officially began in 2010 and my good friend John Tucker took his love for clothing and merged it with his positive perspective on connecting different cultures, races, and religions through fashion. Since I have became the Brand Ambassador I have met thousands of people personally that believe in our movement and we have inspired many people to start their own line or just go after the goals they once thought were too huge to grasp. With our burning fire for success and unity we hope to uplift and help people inhale love and exhale hate. The possibilities are limitless and the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and thriving, keep your eyes on the prize and don't just get stuck in awe by the accomplishments of others, go out in the world and be awesome!

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