Hopeful Things To Keep In Mind Post-Election
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Hopeful Things To Keep In Mind Post-Election

For all of us who weren't for Trump, thinking about the future can be overwhelming and these are a few hopeful things to keep in mind when going forward.

Hopeful Things To Keep In Mind Post-Election

In light of the recent election results, I have quite a few things to say about everything that has been going on. I am not, however, going to write an article slamming Trump, or pointing fingers at Trump supporters, or even trying to argue with their view points. I am also not putting down the people doing so, because I understand the feeling to speak out against what you think is wrong and I stand behind it- but I feel that there's enough of that going around at the moment and there is something else to be brought to attention as well.

Are there many, many things I disagree with Trump on? Yes.

Have horrible things started happening since the election results came out? Hell yeah.

I'm also sure that Trump supporters feel the same way about non-Trump supporters. But the thing is, more hate speech against hate speech, will not get me, or any of us, anywhere. Arguing with your estranged Aunt Nancy, or calling someone you went to school with however many years ago ignorant, will not get anyone anywhere. If someone hasn't changed their mind by now on supporting Trump, they sure as hell aren't going to have some mind-blowing revelation because you publicly insulted them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. All that is resulting from those posts, is more hatred and negativity, and we can all see that there is plenty of that going on lately.

It's going to take a whole lot more than social media posts, no matter how right and well supported you are, to change something. There are a few things, however, I believe we can all do right now to change how we are feeling. The day after Trump was announced the President-Elect, I felt a sense of heaviness (to say the least) everywhere I went. Not only from myself, but from the people I loved around me. From the heartbroken people on the television, and even people I saw out and about discussing the results. That is only what I have experienced, so this is all not to mention the people who have been involved in protests or experienced acts of hate after Trump was elected.

People are scared, heartbroken, and losing faith. What we can do right now, as people who are dealing with the adverse effects of this election, is have hope. Below are a few things I think can help us all put what we are dealing with into perspective, and help us move on from where we are now.

1. Lean on your loved ones.

Whatever you are feeling, talk with the people you love and who love you. Support each other, and know that you have amazing people there for you no matter what. The results of this election cannot change the people you have blessed with to have in your life.

2. Be the change.

In a way it feels good to tell someone off, or even just rant on social media- but that only goes so far. If you're worried about the increasing lack of decency in people, try and impact others in a positive way as much as you can. Volunteer places, spread the good. Show others that not everyone is as bad as it seems. It will not only be rewarding to you, but give hope to the people you are helping that there is good to come.

3. The struggle breeds greatness.

We have all heard it before, "Struggle breeds greatness." There is no denying there are horrible things occurring throughout America, whether it be racism, sexism, or something else. When I am saying that struggle breeds greatness, in no way am I trying to undermine what people have already gone through, or will have to endure because of prejudice and discrimination among other things.

What I am trying to highlight here, is that undergoing extreme adverse circumstances gives us the opportunity to not only grow as individuals, but grow together as one. With Trump being elected came the realization that so many people were willing to tolerate what he stands for, and with that came the realization that there is a need for change. When social justice is challenged, we are called upon as a nation to stand up not only for what we believe in, but for people who cannot stand up for themselves. We are given the chance to do great things in response to the adversity coming our way.

One good thing that has already happened in response to the election is a movement that involves pinning a safety pin to your clothes. This is meant to signify solidarity to others, and let them know you stand with them. Even though it's a small act, it makes a tremendous difference to people who feel like a majority of Americans are against them. If you want to read more about it, you can here:


4. Be the protagonist of your story.

Trumps time in office is going to effect each person in it's own way- and trust me when I say I hope he turns out to be a good President, because for him to fail his job would have dire consequences to millions of people in many ways- and none of us want that. The point I want to make here, is that each of us has our own story and Trump's presidency will fit into each of our stories in it's own way, some worse than others. This point is going off of the last one- where we are given the chance to be great, so now we must jump at it when it is presented.

If you think back to any great movie or story, the main character(s) is likely dealing with some form of adversity in their lives. What makes their story so great, is they are able to have the strength and determination to beat their situation and find happiness no matter what they are facing. The Pursuit of Happiness, Silver Linings Playbook, and Unbroken to name a few, are all story lines where the main characters face extreme adversity but end up better people because of it.

Having said all of this, I just want to point out that I understand the above things won't fix everything. There are so many more steps to be taken in order to heal our country, but I believe we have it in us to get back on track. If you're feeling yourself doubting whether things will get better, just look at this map of how the 18-25-year-olds voted in the election. We are on our way.

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