What To Say To A Friend Who Is Transferring Schools
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Student Life

What To Say To A Friend Who Is Transferring Schools

You're going to be just fine

Friends come together

She sat us down in her room the day that we all returned from Fall Break. "I have to tell you guys something," she said. She told us that she was transferring after the first semester. She was changing her major and she was going to be more comfortable and have more opportunities to learn and grow at her new college. I was happy for her because I knew that she was struggling to figure out what she wanted to change her major to, but that small, selfish part of me did not want her to leave. I am not naive to the fact that I most likely will have a couple more friends transfer somewhere along the line before we graduate. Goodbyes to friends that transfer will always be bitter-sweet, but sometimes it is hard to know exactly what to say to someone who is transferring. Below are 6 important things to say to someone who is taking the a different path in their college journey.

1. Thank you

It has been awesome getting to know you. Thank you for choosing us as your friends, Thank you for adding so much humor to the friend group. Thank you for late nights spent laughing and watching Netflix. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourself.


2. Good luck

Good luck navigating your new campus. Good luck with your new roommate. Good luck with your new classes and professors. Good luck making friends and finding your place.

One second thought- you don’t need luck. You got this.


3. Keep in touch

This is not goodbye forever. You will always be a member of the GroupMe. I will continue to update you and tell you all about our adventures and I expect the same from you.


4. You didn’t make a mistake

There are far too many transfer students that believe that they made a mistake by choosing the initial college. You did not make a mistake. Please do not leave believing that you did make a mistake. You were admitted and you successfully navigated the mounds of paperwork that we had to fill out. You packed your belongings and moved to this college. You were meant to come here and it is okay that you were not meant to stay.


5. I will always have your back

You are going to make new friends at your new college but please never forget that I am whenever you need me.


6. I hope you find what you’re looking for

You deserve so much in this life and though you have hit a few songs in the road, do not give up. I hope you find your place in this world and become a person who is going to help fix this broken world.

Take on this next chapter of your life knowing that it was meant to be. Know that we’re always here when you need us. thank you for a fantastic first semester, We’ll keep the memories locked away and we will be sure to look back at them some day. You are going to do amazing things at your new college. Go forth and be awesome. You got this.


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