Open up Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest and you are likely to come across tons of pictures, and accounts dedicated to "relationship goals". Posting things like 'your boyfriend loves you if he does this' and 'a perfect guy does this' or pictures of giant bouquets of flowers, oversized teddy bears and of bras from Victoria's Secret captioned 'this is how to treat her right'. Is it though?

Now, granted I follow a lot of these kinds of accounts because yes some of them are cute and things my boyfriend and I have actually done together. And yes, I am guilty of owning an oversized teddy bear (best gift ever honestly). But would I love my boyfriend any less if he didn't buy me a teddy bear, or flowers? No. Are these material things any way to assess the happiness of your relationship? No.

In all seriousness, when did we start comparing our relationships to that of incredibly posed and fictitious pictures of "couples" on social media? These accounts make relationships look so perfect and easy- and that's because they aren't real. In a real relationship, you are going to have fights and jealousy and bad times and good times. And that's okay. It's perfectly normal to not be perfect.

On the other side, I've seen lots of those featured Snapchat stories on things like "12 Signs He Isn't In To You", "Signs He's Cheating on You", "Signs He Isn't The One For You". What is that? You have one fight with your boyfriend and you see these kind of posts and read them and you end up convincing yourself that some of these things are true and then before you know it, you're ten times more upset than you need to be because thanks to these ridiculous posts you now think your boyfriend isn't the one for you and he's been cheating on you this whole time. Why does there need to be posts like this? As if girls don't have enough insecurities as it is, and as if relationships aren't hard enough already. There's absolutely no need for this type of content. So do yourself a favor and never, ever, read these.

If you are with someone who makes you laugh until you cry, holds your hand when you're scared, is there for you no matter what and wipes the tears from your eyes, then chances are you've found a really good guy. So stop looking at all these fake accounts, or snapchat features trying to convince you he's not right for you. Appreciate what you have, accept that there will be fights and embrace the many happy memories you will make together. What matters most is the time you spend together and the memories you create. Yea, it's fun to spoil each other every now and again but you can't put a price tag on quality time together because that's what you remember and hold on to when you can't be with each other.

Bottom line is if you're happy with the person you are with, then that's all that matters. I've been with my boyfriend for years and we've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day I know that he's there for me no matter what and has my back like no one else does and honestly, I wouldn't change a thing.