The EQBs Of Sewanee Homecoming
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The EQBs Of Sewanee Homecoming

A weekend of celebrations during fall party brought students and alumni together

The EQBs Of Sewanee Homecoming
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From Thursday, November 3, to Saturday, November 5, Sewanee held its yearly homecoming and party weekend for students and alumni alike. Throughout the weekend, old friends caught up and new friendships emerged from dancing, singing, and overall partying. To say the least, last weekend was a success. On Friday and Saturday nights, the pub was full of graduates and underclassmen. Those who had drifted apart told stories of old and reminiscenced on that sweet sensation of nostalgia. For the current students, they were creating memories to tell years from now at their own reunions.

On Saturday afternoon throughout the evening, Radney Foster, class of 81, took the stage with an associate at the tent near Spencer. Besides many professionals and artists within the music industry, Radney's name is well known on this campus. His lyrics hearken to the alumni, students, professors, and locals who call Sewanee home. Throughout his session, Foster sang his many hits, which include "Just Cause Me Lonesome," "A Little Revival," and "I'm In" just to name a few. During his performance, the crowd partook in a communion of melodies and streaming chords. I remember seeing him years ago in Texas, and he still sounds fantastic as he did then.

Interspersed from the concerts and reunions, fraternities and sororities welcomed those who came before and celebrated their Sewanee heritage. Even with a close loss at the football game, those who call Sewanee home were happy to see each other after many weeks, months, or even years. They were able to reconnect on their life experiences since the last time their eyes and voices gazed upon each other.

At Sewanee, the community follows the policy of "Ecce Quam Bonum" or "Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity!" -Psalm 133:1. As a child of a Sewanee graduate, I understand the importance of these shared experiences at the school. Growing up, I saw the closeness between my dad and his college friends. Even my godfather is a good college friend of my father. Despite the supposed differences of the graduating classes or even differences of how Sewanee has grown, everyone understands what Sewanee means to us. I'm happy to say that I'm doing my best to continue this tradition.

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