If you're in college, you know how difficult it can be to eat healthy. With the delicious (and fattening) food they serve on campus, it can be extremely- impossible, even- to choose healthy options. I know this firsthand. I gained a lot of weight in the past year, mostly due to one of the medicines I take, but the food I've been eating doesn't help.

Now that we're back for the semester, it's time to start eating healthy again. Through Pinterest, research and some good advice from my mom, I've decided to take my health into my own hands this semester by heeding their advice. Here are some of the things I've learned:

Watch your portions.

It can be quite tempting to eat everything on your plate in a dining hall-- trust me, I am more than guilty of this. Dining halls tend to give pretty large portions, and this can be detrimental to you. Instead of eating all of the food they give you, start bringing Tupperware to save some for later, I'll save you a trip to the dining hall and you'll be eating a healthier portion size!

Go for the salad bar.

I know, I know-- it's not what you want from the dining hall, but it's definitely what you should have. Instead of eating that chicken quesadilla, deck out your salads with things like sunflower seeds, croutons, and dressing.

Just don't go overboard-- if you load it up with a bunch of junk, you might as well have gotten the quesadilla in the first place.

Ask staff about healthier options.

The staff at dining halls is generally willing and equipped to answer questions about the kinds of food you're eating. They can recommend healthy options like wheat bread, grilled chicken, etc.

However, knowing these things before going to get food is an option, too. Food service people don't have a ton of time to answer all of your questions, so do a little research on healthy options in your own time.

Drink water!!

The most important health rule I've heard is to drink a ton of water. My doctor recommended 64 ounces a day and, while that seems like a lot, it really has kept me from snacking when it's not needed.

Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect.

You're in college; you're bound to eat junk food here and there. In order to be healthy though, there needs to be more focus on what you're doing right rather than what you're doing wrong. If you slip up one night and eat pizza instead of a salad or drink soda all day rather than water, just try again tomorrow! Nobody's perfect, but as long as you're staying health-conscious and paying attention most of the time, you'll be good to go.

Happy eating, everyone!