Easy Ways To Reduce Waste At Villanova

Easy Ways To Reduce Waste At Villanova

Plastic straws and cups should be a thing of the past right now.

Maddie Barber

With all of the new ways that people can eliminate our waste on an everyday basis, there's no excuse anymore! Here are five ways to reduce waste on Villanova's campus.

1. Stop bringing those tall Smartwaters to class everyday

I am a victim of this. I spend $2.99 every week on a new tall Smartwater bottle to tote around with me all day long until the following Monday. Although the option to recycle is almost always available, it's better off to just stick with reusable bottles.

2. Bring your own Holy Grounds cup 

Stop ordering a large iced coffee in Conn every day using their plastic cups and straws. Places like TJ Maxx have super cute reusable tall iced drink cups that Holy Grounds will gladly let you use. Starbucks also sells them, and some stores offer discounts when you bring one!

3. Stop buying pre-packaged fruit from Conn or the Exchange 

I can't tell you how many times I've purchased the Fruit Medley from Conn just to fill up a meal, only to eat the strawberries and throw the rest out. This is a HUGE waste of plastic (and food)! Instead, head to Second Storey or Giant down the road on Lancaster to pick up fresh fruit that you can store in your mini fridge.

4. Type out your notes (if your professors allow you to)

If laptops are allowed in any of your classes, take advantage of this and type out your notes in a Word document instead of using notebooks. Notebook paper is one of the biggest wastes of paper for students, so if you can type, do it!

5. Recycle old handouts

The end of the school year is approaching, which means you're probably left with tons of old handouts from your classes that you never looked over more than once. Instead of tossing them in the big trashcans at the end of your hallway, head around the corner to the recycling bin!

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