The internet is spazzing out after Dunkin' Donuts released that they are officially changing their brand name to Dunkin'. Okay, so what? What is there to cry about?

Let's face it. Dunkin' is still going to do amazing because we all love it. So what if the name gets changed?

Dunkin' changed its name because it wanted to enhance their coffee and other drinks. They felt it was appropriate because they don't only have donuts. They have a wide variety of coffee drinks and other blends that everyone can enjoy. But at the same time, I thought everyone knew that by now.

Ever since the news broke out, a lot of Dunkin' customers were sad and full of complaints, claiming it's "not the same". Dunkin' Donuts will always be the best, but Dunkin' isn't any different. I personally think it is unique.

No, this is NOT like IHOB, when IHOP changed its name to promote their burgers. It was clearly used for advertising and marketing, to get the word out. It worked, and it's not a hard task to complete.

Yes, this was the same marketing technique for Dunkin', and this is exactly what they wanted. But it's here to stay, and I love it.

"America runs on Dunkin'." Yes? Correct? Then why are people having a meltdown because Dunkin' eliminated donuts from the name, not from the company? Even when it was still Dunkin' Donuts, I called it both names, but I said Dunkin' almost all the time.

Over the years, I think others can agree that their donuts aren't the only things that have gotten better. The coffee has not changed; it has stayed the same, just as beautiful, but the sandwiches have gotten tastier, as well as the muffins and other pastries. I read on Instagram that a customer would rather go to Wawa or another convenient/fast food shop first before buying any Dunkin' food, besides their donuts and coffee.

That's disheartening, considering the fact that I love Dunkin's breakfast sandwiches. Not to mention that their hot chocolate is also amazing. Perfect temperature, perfect taste.

The other comment I read online was that someone judged Dunkin' mad hard and called them "cheap", all because of this name change. "Cheap, old, sludgy coffee, but I still purchase it because it's convenient." So, you are still supporting Dunkin', even though you claim to hate it?

Yikes, pay some Starbucks prices if you will. It's not for everyone.

There is always something to complain about, and Americans think it's fun. So, this week, Dunkin' is the poor victim.

I'll always devote my love to Dunkin'. I am on their side with everything, including their yummy coffee, even though it always hurts my tummy. I was never a coffee drinker, but on the rare occasion when I absolutely want a stomach bomb, I'll get some Dunkin' iced coffee, along with my favorite donut, chocolate glazed. Heaven on Earth!

Regardless of your name change, I'll still support you. Thanks for getting me through college alive and making me a happy girl. I'll always run on Dunkin'.