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As I tapped through an endless stream of Instagram stories, something caught me eye. A friend, posed next to the most aesthetic looking bottles I've ever seen, was starting her first juice cleanse. An array of green, orange, yellow and red, just the picture itself left me wanting more. The very next day, I drove through horrid traffic and bought the juice for myself.

Coming back from California just the day before, my stomach churned with fat-soaked In-and-Out Burgers, tubs of Jamoca ice cream and heaps of other unhealthy snacks. I needed a desperate cleanse.

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The entire goal of the juice cleanse was to drink 6 bottles of organic goodness with no other food for an entire day. With a concentration of heavy vitamins and no added sugar, they helped "boost immunity" and "release toxins." Made with all organic materials, the company used aesthetic and health to lure curious teens, like me, to try their expensive products.

1. Check One: Taste

And so I did. From sweet green to yellow, I expected a concoction of disgusting, cold pressed vegetables; however, the reality was far from that. They tasted good. Easily downing the first bottle, I moved onto the next, finding it just as delicious. Only one, the green bottle, seemed to pose as a difficulty.

2. Check Two: Quality

Besides the beautiful presentation, the quality of juice seemed lacking. Although it looked concentrated, it was quite diluted. It seemed to be mostly water, mixed with a quarter cup of actual substance. Having paid away $60 for 6 bottles, I was disappointed. Nonetheless, I could taste the ingredients, which were listed clearly on the side. From celery to cucumber to beets to cashew milk, Clean Juice served the essence of cold-pressed goodness.

3. Check Three: Effectiveness

Did it work? Was it worth it? Perhaps. The juice cleanse left my stomach feeling light and refreshed, but physically, I couldn't see much of a difference. My skin was just as clear as before and I didn't have that healthy glow I expected. Although the cleanse gave me a piece of mind, I was hungry. Living without solid food was hard enough but imagine going on a cleanse for 3 or 5 days. But ultimately, I felt internally more refreshed and less bloated than before. It also decreased the amount of food I consumed after the cleanse, lessening the portions and motivating me to stay healthier than ever before.

So I guess the cleanse was worth it, but maybe it's more for the experience than the actual effectiveness. If you're planning to go on your own juice cleanse, then good luck, and enjoy!

You got this!

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