All of us get homesick in college and we want to visit home sometimes, see our pets, drive through our hometown. Visiting home however takes time and planning. Whether you live 20 minutes away or 10 hours away, you have to prepare that drive with driving necessities. I have created a list of 10 items that I bring along when I go to visit home (my drive is 10 hours).

1) Car Chargers

When I drove home a few weekends ago I had a charger for my phone and my Fitbit.

2) Auxiliary cord

Everyone wants to listen to their own playlist while driving to a specific destination, I have my own driving playlist that has about 8 hours worth of music on it. I enjoy driving but I enjoy driving more when I have my music on.

3)Hostess Apple Pies

This may seem like an odd item to some, but for me it is a necessity. When I am planning to take a trip back home I always buy at least two of these pies. They are very easy to eat while driving so I usually eat those in the beginning of my long drive.

4) A fountain drink WITH A STRAW

When I am driving I have difficulties drinking water (or soda) when it is out of a plastic bottle. Most people usually use both hands when opening a plastic bottle (if you don't use both hands, you are obviously a wizard). I always have to have a drink when I am driving, you know, so I don't get dehydrated from all the singing...

5) Phone holder

Because I have no sense of direction (especially in the Midwest states), I keep a phone holder on my dash so I can keep a check on the GPS on my phone.

6) Food in General

Literally, bring a bunch of easy to get to snacks: chips; popped popcorn; chewy granola bars; beef jerky

7) Gum

If you don't want to be constantly snacking on your drive, you can pop in a piece of gum and that will curve your appetite and keep your mouth busy.

8) Phone

PLEASE DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! I use my phone for music and GPS only when I am driving. Also if an emergency occurs it is good to have a cellular device on hand to contact someone if you need. Cellphone=music=directions=emergency services

And obviously while traveling

9) Luggage

You don't want to wear the same clothes over the WHOLE weekend. Bring some extra clothing... obviously...

10) Wallet/ Extra Keys

To pay for gas and food you obviously want your wallet. Extra keys? When I am traveling, I always keep a spare car key in my pocket just in case I lock my keys in my car or leave them somewhere (luckily that has not happened to me).

These are just my personal necessities that I use when I am driving back to my home state. If you have any necessities that you think I should try next time. Comment below! (It will be for the greater good!)