Note: I am not implying that these are classics or the best country songs of all time. I do not think that, however these songs are nice to drive along to

1. 'Body Like A Back Road' - Sam Hunt

"Doin' 15 in a 30, I ain't in no hurry"

Why not listen to a song referencing back roads while you are driving on one.

2. 'Wagon Wheel' - Darius Rucker 

This a great song to play if you're in the car with someone who doesn't like country. Chances are, you'ss catch them singing along too.

3. 'Red Ragtop' - Tim McGraw 

Yes, this song touches on some heavy subjects but it's a beautiful song that has a calming melody.

4. 'Red Dirt Road' - Brooks & Dunn

Again, this song is especially playable if you are driving on a dirt road. (But really isn't it just playable all the time).

5. 'God Love Her ' - Toby Keith 

Nothing like listening to songs about a rebel girl on a motorcycle from the safety and comfort of your car.

6. 'When She's On' - Chris Young 

" You ought to see her when she's on that front porch

In those cut-off jeans

And that Texas Longhorn t-shirt, hair drying in the breeze
Humming along to some old Haggard song

You ought to see her when she's on"

7. 'She's Everything' - Brad Paisley

"She's 'I want a piece of chocolate'

'Take me to a movie' "

There's not a girl I know that wouldn't want a piece of chocolate.

8. 'Before He Cheats' - Carrie Underwood

Even if you have never been cheated on, this song just turns something up inside of you that makes you want to scream the lyrics.

9.  'Bait A Hook' - Justin Moore 

All I can say is, I hope you know how to bait a hook, or you might feel personally attacked by this song.

10. 'Check Yes Or No' - George Strait 

There's nothing like an elementary school love story to make you feel good.