Finals week is here and stress levels are at an all time high for the majority of the people walking around the beautiful Florida State University campus. I get it, studying sucks and exams are hard, but there is a new place in town where you can go to dance, sweat, and relieve all of your stressful feelings in one place.

Drip Drop Fitness is a new work out destination for those who are tired of the boring, old treadmill and weights floor. Drip Drop offers a unique dance cardio that encourages social interaction, positive energy, and motivation. The environment is lively, fun, and they even have disco lights when certain songs come on. I’ve been a few times in the last week, and I left dripping sweat, but didn’t really even realize it because I was so focused on dancing and dropping it real low (and I mean really low).

To give more background on Drip Drop Fitness, the owner is Summer Calenberg, a Florida State student, who is finishing up her master’s degree here this semester. She realized there weren’t a lot of outlets that offered a high intensity work out that also kept people happy and motivated throughout the entire class. Summer wanted people to be able to come in after a long day of class or even to start the day off, and just let loose and at the same time shed some calories.

Drip Drop Fitness is the place to be this week for some stress relief and to start working towards those summer bodies. Check out the Drip Drip website below as well as this week’s class schedule!