Everyone dreams when they fall asleep whether they remember or not. Our dreams are made up of a combination of thoughts, images, and emotions.

The majority of our dreams are thought out during our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. The period of REM usually takes up close to a quarter of our sleep, or roughly around 120 minutes a night.

When you are able to remember the certain dreams you have, they sometimes bring worry or even empty happiness. Those dreams that you think actually happened but then you wake up and realize it didn't.

There are so many common dreams that many people share but don't necessarily know that they mean something relative to your life. Sometimes you subconscious is trying to tell you something important while you dream.

Below are a list of common dream themes that people experience and the meaning behind them.

1. Teeth falling out

This can be a sign of insecurity or worry. A person might be worried about a change that is coming soon. This is a very common dream as people struggle with anxiety and doubts throughout their life.

2. Death.

This dream isn't as bad as most people think. Dreaming of death can mean a sign of rebirth or inner change in one's life. Deaths of a significant other or friendships in a dream can sometimes mean that it's time to move on or figure things out.

3. Thinking you woke up but didn't.

Many say this dream happens when you're almost awake but not fully. This type of dream means you're worried about the upcoming day ahead of you as in this dream you begin to do your normal morning routine but then wake up in the middle of it.

4. Falling.

This dream is a sign or fear of losing control in your life. Most of the time it means that something in one's life is becoming out of control.

5. Running but can't move.

This is that dream where you know how to run but you somehow just can't. You're either running in slow motion or feel like your feet are stuck in the ground. This dream is said to happen when you feel less confident in yourself or are going through something where you feel powerless.

6. Being chased.

This dream represents the fact that you might be avoiding an issue and your brain is trying to tell you to stop and address it.

7. Being trapped.

This is a common dream as it symbolizes someone feeling like they can't escape a situation or a feeling in their life. It can also mean that the dreamer feels like they won't make the right decision.

8. Flying.

Dreams about flying are usually happy because it is a fantastic feeling but these are usually lucid dreams where you know that you are dreaming. This dream doesn't have much to it other than the fact that you're flying and it's really exciting.

9. Nudity.

This dream represents vulnerability or anxiety within a situation. This is common to people who just accepted a public job or position as they dream they are naked in front of a crowd.

10. Dogs.

When dogs are in your dreams this represent loyalty and friendship, which are two things dogs possess. It is usually to test the question if someone in your life is being as loyal as the dog in your dream.