Ever since the Criminal Minds series air date in September 2005, the character Spencer Reid stole the hearts of millions around the world each week. I was only a small 4-year-old child still watching Dora the Explorer and Spongebob, not having a clue that one day, one of my favorite shows would be Criminal Minds.

Dr. Reid has a very awkward but charming personality. It may be hard for him to communicate to others, whether it be the public outside of his lectures or to the members of his team, but he is clearly the most loved agent out of them all. An example would be when Reid gets framed in Mexico when he buys his mother's medicine. Almost everyone on the team pulled strings and did things that were totally not legal to make sure that he would make it out of prison alive.

The team is a family, and when certain members aren't getting along or when they are bickering, Reid is the one to pull them together again. Besides his cute looks and charming personality, this special Ph.D. holder is a Savant. Meaning, that he is incredibly skilled in academics. He has a photographic memory and his strategy skills are impeccable. This particular character also loves puppies. Who doesn't?

Agent Reid has the problem-solving capabilities to solve almost every case that they are faced with. He may not be the best with all of the action, but he is certainly the mastermind behind the operations. Matthew Gubler's character loves and cares deeply whenever he forms an attachment with someone, but unfortunately, the one woman he loved who understood him died and that hurt him the most.

There are so many reasons why Spencer Reid is the best character from Criminal Minds, and these are just a few. For years he has been a big role model to me, and I sometimes wish that I had as much intellect as this character. The character development of Dr. Spencer Reid through various seasons have been great, because through the years you witness this character changing and growing as a person, and you are able to form a connection with this character. That is what happened to me, and I hope you share the same love with your favorite character.