A Dozen Activites To Do Instead Of Watching The Inauguration

A Dozen Activites To Do Instead Of Watching The Inauguration

Don't give Trump the satisfaction of tons of views

Mandi Hartman

Friday, January 20th, 2017. Typing it out like that almost makes it feel like an infamous date (and maybe it will be). This coming Friday, our nation will see the swap of power from president to president. To some, this is cause for celebration. To many, this is a tragedy. As I've said in an earlier article, this most recent election was never about democrats versus republicans. It was about human rights and the realization that this country has become a hateful place.

I refuse to watch the inauguration of Donald Trump. Go ahead and call me unpatriotic, but I did not vote for that man. I know some people might tell me to suck it up and grow up, blah blah blah. To me, the more views his inauguration gets, the more his popularity will be seen to increase, the more his ego will increase. I mean, the man couldn't even take SNL satire with good grace, but that's beside my point. Here are some things you can do instead of watching our country decay in real time.

1. Go for a walk

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If you have a dog, go take them for a walk and enjoy the crisp winter air (if you're an East Coaster). Even if you don't have a dog, call up a friend and go for a walk around the block and talk about politics, life, or current events.

2. Make a lunch date

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The inauguration airs at 12:01 (EST) on Friday, which is just in time for lunch! So, instead of sitting in front of a live stream with Easy Mac and wallowing in misery, go out and talk with a kindred spirit over some good food.

3. If you're a student, go to class!

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If you're have a class scheduled during the inauguration, go. Let's be honest, even the most boring of lectures will be better than the inauguration. Besides, for many college kids, this is going to be the first week of classes. Do you really want to skip on the first week?

4. Hug a stranger

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We need to make the world a better place, now that Trump is about to run our country. Go outside and prove your worth by asking a stranger for a hug!

5. Watch a movie with your best friend

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It's Friday! Go ahead and give yourself an early weekend by putting on a good movie and snuggling up with your best friend. I heard Finding Dory is amazing.

6. Brainstorm who to vote for in 2020

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Who do you want to see run? Who do you want to win? Now's the time to plan ahead!


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Go watch this episode of Parks and Rec then go treat yo' self to something special. You deserve it.

8. Workout

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Nothing burns calories like an angry workout. Grab your gloves and sneakers and give that bag a run for its money.

9. Watch paint dry

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I mean, if you're going to waste time you might as well make it something ULTRA boring.

10. Research how much it takes to move to another country

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Currently, flights to Norway cost $759.85, and flights to Toronto are $290. Personally, I'd go to either or those places, but if you prefer something warmer, I hear New Zealand is the 8th happiest country on the planet.

11. Get rid of your cable

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Who even watches it anyone? Save yourself some big bucks and cut the cable out of your life. Netflix is so much cheaper.

12. Pay it forward!

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So maybe you can't do all that, but go out and pay it forward! Volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate your loose change to a local animal shelter or children in need, help a little old lady cross the street, leave an extra nice tip to your waitress/waiter serving you lunch. Do something positive to help make someone's day brighter!

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