In the past six years, I’ve moved a total of six times, and I’m moving again in the next few months. I’ve mastered the art of packing and have never lost a single item throughout a relocation. I’m definitely an OCD packer even though I own only a suitcase full of clothes and a suitcase full of shoes. I am probably the best person you can have to come over and pack your things.

I pride myself for being a nomad. I have a love/ hate relationship with being a drifter. On one hand, I am in love with the freedom of being able to just grab my things and go anywhere without any hesitation. On the other hand, I am left with no place to call home and sometimes being constantly on the go can get a little lonely.

I’ve been pretty much on my own since I was 16. Looking back now, that was a pretty young age to practice independence. I sped through my teenage years and didn’t really have the opportunity to experience irrational behavior.

My first big move was coming to the United States. I decided to leave my native country along with my family, friends, my dog and everything I was familiar with to start a new life here. It was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made but also one of the best. After that first move I realized I don’t make deep ties with many people due to the fear of leaving them.

The toughest thing I had to overcome was the idea of having no place to call home. Everyone has a different definition for home and for me, home is where the people I love are. I’ve attached myself to those who have impacted me on my journey.

People don’t tell you the cons about living on your own, they talk about the benefits and adrenaline rushes because by the time you’re comfortable being by yourself all the cold nights and loner feelings tend to diffuse.

It’s hard to be strong when you feel like you don’t have support. I know that’s a lie because time and time again my friends and family have proven to me that they are right by my side every step of the way. It’s hard because no one is physically there for you. I doubted myself on many occasions whether I was making the right choice or doing the right thing. You feel lonely when no one is there giving you a hug, making you comfort food or even just knowing their close. Sometimes phone calls are just not enough.

Hopefully, I haven’t scared you completely. I do believe everyone should move at least once in their lives. Leaving your comfort zone is a challenge but you really grow from the experience. You get to explore your likes and dislikes, learn how to cook, develop hobbies, and figure how who you are.

Things are going to feel tough at some point and I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it was easy to overcome. It’s ok to wallow in your sorrows, because you know at the end of the day you’re going to be alright.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without the trials I’ve endured. I have grown into a person I am really proud of and I can be confident in the decisions I make. Being a nomad has taught me to face my fears head-on, it also taught me that standing alone isn’t as bad as expected.