If you haven't looked at a calendar at all this month, then you may not know that Halloween falls on a Saturday. In short, this is every college student's dream. As a little kid, when Halloween was on a weekend, it just meant you could trick-or-treat all day long collecting as much candy as humanly possible. In college though, Halloweekend means three straight days of insane parties with your friends. It's easy to go overboard on Halloweekend, so it's important to keep a few things in mind when prepping for it the week before...

DO Plan your costumes ahead of time! Especially if you're planning a big group costume, those things take a long time to coordinate. Try to have an idea of what you want to do at least two weeks before so you can give yourself ample time to sort everything out.

DON'T Order group costumes from different places. Sure, you can all look pretty much the same, but it will look so much better when everyone is wearing the exact same thing. It's also easier to find your group when you're all dressed alike in a sea of chaotic costumes.

DO Look at the weather beforehand. Nothing is worse than being stuck out in the cold or rain (or snow in Binghamton's case) when your costume is less than the average amount of clothing. Consider a light jacket or sweatshirt, or befriending someone whose costume involves multiple layers in the hopes they will share.

DON'T get sloppy. If you know what I mean. Yes, it's Halloween and it's the most anticipated night of the collegiate year, but there is such thing as too much! Don't go over your limit and end up forgetting everything that happened, it may make for a good story, but the bathroom is not the ideal place to spend the night.

DO think outside the box for costumes. The more unique the costume, the better! It makes people have to come up to you and ask about your costume!

DON'T Over complicate it...If you can make a costume out of the things you already have in your closet, you'll save yourself a good amount of money and stress. You'd be surprised with what you can do when you mix and match the most random things you own.

DO BE SAFE!!!!!! People use Halloween as an excuse to gocrazy so please, please, please be careful! Stay with your friends and don't wander too far. You never know what's lurking in the shadows.....