Running is one of the best sports where people of all abilities can get together. Group runs can create some of the best memories and can make friends through them. I know some of the best times I had through my running career have been running with my teammates or with a group of people just talking having a good time. But, there are certain do's and do not's when you are running with a group, these are the basic and standard rules. Please follow them the next time you go out with your running group.

1. DO motivate your teammates

This one is pretty simple, ALWAYS motivate your fellow teammates. not everyone is on the same level in the group, so it is very important that you keep people motivated to keep going, even if they are not the fastest in the group.

2. DON'T be that person that stops all the time

Group runs are meant to be done with everyone and when someone is stopping all the time to do whatever is annoying. If you have an injury that causes you to stop all the time, don't push it for one run. when you stop all the time it causes us to lose the pace and not hit the goal for the day.

3. DO be social with your teammates

Group runs are meant to be fun and being social can not only keep people motivated, but you can make a friend! I'm not saying you talk throughout the run, but it is always good to have some sort of conversation while on the go. I don't care if the new Logic album just dropped and you wanna listen to it, talk to your friends.

4. DON'T be that person that pushes the pace

This one my personal pet peeve. There is always that one guy that thinks this is a race or something, like calm down dude we're just here to run together. You're not the next Pre for dusting people that aren't as fast as you.

5. DO remain in the group even if you know you're faster than most

See even if you know you're faster than most people in your group, stay with them. Group runs are calm and mostly seen as east days with your team, there will be plenty of chances for you to show off the speed.

6. DON'T bring your dog!

This may be touchy for some people, but please do not bring your dog on group runs. I love dogs and they are great, but even if Buddy is the best dog you've ever owned doesn't mean he can handle being around other people. Your dog can run with you another time.

7. DO be on time

This should be pretty clear and obvious, but be on time. Runners love to go right at the time that we wanna go at. Don't be that person that holds up the group, some people are on time limits. If you gotta catch up to us then oh well.

8. DON'T be a road/trail hog

Some people may not know this one, so if this is new to you here's the rule for running a trail or road with a group. Never run more than two abreast. Lets faster runners or cyclists go by smoothly, follow this rule.

9. DO obey the traffic rules

Obey all the traffic laws even if they are dumb. Do not cross the street and leave the group behind, this is very annoying and it can slow you down as well. Just stay with the team and try not to get hit by a car.

10. DON'T leave anyone behind

If you see your teammate struggling and has fallen behind the group, slow down and motivate them! You're in this run together and showing that you will always be there for your teammate will go a long way! Be supportive and be with them if they are hurting during the run.