It's hard to make a small dorm room feel like home, especially since there are rules and regulations as to what you can and can't bring. For any college with on-campus housing, there's a long list of things that you can't do to your room. Here is a list of things that we (including me) all do, that might be a fire hazard. Or at least against the rules:

1. Candles

You can't lie and say you haven't brought a candle or two to school. Just be sure to blow it out and hide it before the RA sees!

2. Knives

Okay, look, I know it's considered a weapon but I have to cut lemons somehow and the plastic knife isn't cutting it... (haha, get it?)

3. Tapestries on the Wall

Maybe this is a Temple University thing, but we're technically not allowed to have a hanging tapestry on the wall. I did for a while, and now I have a Temple flag, which is technically the same thing, but somehow they're okay with that?

4. Over-Plugging the Outlets

You're technically not supposed to leave exposed wires hanging out, nor are you supposed to have too many things plugged into the outlet at once. But how else are you supposed to charge your phone, laptop, and have the lamp on at the same time?

5. Too Many Things on the Wall!

Every time I've had a room inspection, I haven't passed the "fire-hazards" section because of the pictures up on my walls. Between my roommate and I, half our room is covered. I mean, how else are you supposed to make it look pretty?

6. Bed Risers

We're technically not supposed to have these, but there's no room!!!! You have to put stuff under the bed!!!! Come on!!!!

7. Coffee Makers

Thankfully Temple allows us to have Keurigs, (as long as they turn off automatically), but I know that some schools don't allow them at all. I feel for you. I really do.

8. "Cleanliness"

Listen, I'm guilty of leaving my clothes, backpack, books on the floor in the midst of doing homework or getting ready in the morning. You can technically get cited for this (I know because it happened to my boyfriend's roommate). Just pray you have a cool RA who doesn't do random stop-ins.

9. Quiet Hours

Don't live in a college dorm if you're not prepared for people to not follow this rule. Also, I very much suggest ear plugs if you've got a major issue with noise. Remember: you're living with other people. Reevaluate what you deem "loud" before you get to college.

10. If You See It, Say It.

Let's live by the code here, guys. Unless it's really bad, as in, people stealing stuff or setting things on fire bad, just remember that everyone wants to have fun.

11. Christmas Lights

They may or may not be a fire hazard. Does anyone care? No.

12. Lighter

You need to light candles somehow.

13. Your Own Fridge or Microwave

Temple makes us go through a certain company to have our mini-fridge and microwave for $200, and it gets dropped off in your dorm and taken out at the end of the year. Pretty nice deal, but some people find them cheaper and prefer to bring their own. Not really anything wrong with that, right?

14. Don't overpack.

This is just a joke.

15. Live Plants or Flowers

The room is ugly. Just bring the cactus.