I’m not trying to be rude here.

I think Uber drivers are great. They make life more convenient for a lot of people. When I order an Uber I know that I’m paying to be driven safely to my destination. It’s a business transaction and honestly, that’s all I’m looking for so when an Uber driver tries to have a conversation with me I get a little annoyed.

I’m not referring to friendly small talk, I’m totally fine with that and it makes the ride less awkward to ask how they are and briefly talk about where I’m going. That doesn’t mean I want to hear their life story, their opinion on where I’m going or tell them anything about me. I’m paying for their driving services not for conversation.

I know that they’re people too, I get that. But when I’m in an Uber I want to talk to my friend who’s next to me or be on my phone or look out the window. I shouldn’t have to feel obligated to communicate with the driver just because I’m in their car and I often do.

Every Uber I’ve ever been in has led to a super weird “get to know you” chat and I hated every minute of it. I don’t understand why I have to take part in that. Why do I have to pretend to make friends with someone I will most likely never see again? There's a difference between being professional and trying to over share and I don't think Uber drivers should get to cross that line.

At the end of the day, I want to keep my Uber ride what it is, a simple exchange of goods and services. I want the driver to do their job which is to drive me to my destination and I want to do my part which is to pay and be a good passenger. That’s all it should be.