Now more than ever have there been moments, events or even long time periods where everything just seems to be going wrong. Everything is too overwhelming or stressful and you might even reach that point where the best option is to just panic and complain. But is that really the best option?

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to handle the stress of what seems like everything crashing down around me. With each new thing adding to the list of tasks I had to do, I just felt more and more weight on my shoulders. It got to the point where I was sacrificing really important things like sleep, eating balanced meals, or hanging out with friends and doing what I would definitely rather be doing.

When I reach those moments when the panic sets in and the stress is too much to handle, I force myself to step back and breathe. I ask myself if what I’m doing is healthy and good for me. Am I really putting importance on the right things? Is this what matters the most in your life? Is this panic even worth it?

I make myself evaluate what I put importance on. I always know that I should focus on the things that should make my life happy and complete, but it’s so easy to let myself get dragged into the heaping pile of work and responsibilities. It’s okay to say no to things and it’s definitely okay to realize that what you’re panicking over isn’t even a big deal at all.

And maybe it does take reaching that point for you to realize that what you’re panicking about isn’t worth the time and stress. Allow yourself to take the time to keep yourself healthy and happy. What’s the point of doing anything if you get no gain from it?