"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Every once in a while, you may notice someone you follow on social media, whether that person is someone you know personally or just a random follow because you have a similar interest in common, go on a posting spree of just one topic.

The topic may be about their new favorite show, movie, book, band, album, anything really.

This is called Hyperfixation. Basically, it's when someone completely immerses themselves in something. It becomes their new passion or obsession. Hyperfixation is often a side-effect of ADHD or autism, but sometimes it can be used as a coping mechanism for someone with a mental illness.

For example, someone you follow on Twitter from school recently started watching a new show. One minute, they're tweeting, "OMG! I love ____!" The next, you see that they have followed thirty other people who also love that show, and is tweeting and retweeting content only about that show. This goes on for days.

You have your own followings that bring the content you're interested in onto your timeline, but every once in a while, you scroll across the content that your hyper-fixated friend is posting.

Here is what you should not do: make fun of them for it or "subtweet" about them because of it. Do not be that person that makes the sly comment of, "I don't even know why people like ____. It's so stupid. Only stupid people watch that show," and so on.

If you are really so bothered by their small blip of posts you come across on your timeline, you can mute them so that you still follow them but don't see their posts, "soft-block" them, which is blocking them without telling them, not you interacted so much that they would notice, or, you could just carry on with your day because now you know that while your friend might be a little obsessive, this new topic might be helping them in some way. Send a quick message asking how they are. Or, you might even want to try this thing out for yourself and see what all the hype is about. You might become a fan yourself.