I share a Twitter account with my best friend Lexi. She doesn't use it as much as I do because I have somehow become addicted. I love DM-ing all my friend's cool memes, and retweeting things I agree with! I know I sound like someone's mom but hey I really like Twitter!

I have noticed a lot of Twitter beef in my time (definitely sounding like a mom), but I have never really been involved. Until now.

Black Sunday

I saw some random tweet about how hard college athletes have it.

@katymoe_@99JustDoIt_ / Twitter

I'm not a college athlete, but I was on track to be one. I was offered multiple scholarships but unfortunately tore my medial collateral ligament, aka my MCL. It was bad enough to take me out of softball completely but it doesn't ruin my life anymore. I do know how much hard work went into getting the offers though and can imagine the amount of stress it puts on people. However, you are getting money to get an education, and if it is a male sport you have the opportunity to make millions of dollars playing professionally. So I think complaining about it is bullshit. Also if you want to complain about it why not quit? Thousands if not millions of grateful kids are willing to take your place.

So I tweeted back, which is very rare for me.

@katymoe_@Katyandlexi / Twitter

I didn't expect a huge response or any responses at all quite frankly, I was just voicing my annoyance. But I was wrong. A LOT of people felt I was wrong. That is totally OK! I'm OK with other opinions!!! Oh my god, though not a single one made any sense? Everyone who replied was either illiterate or just absolutely out in left field.

She had nothing to say but that I was mad and when I replied that she should be too because of this ungrateful behavior she said I was ignorant?

Another one of my personal favorite replies was the direct message I received from a random stranger! I was debating adding this because it's a mouthful but honestly, it's too golden not to share.




I am still getting tweets constantly and it has been three days. I am now convinced that Twitter is for the bold and stupid. I will continue loving the memes they post but now know you can't call out student-athletes.