I met you on November 10th 2015 and we started dating on April 28th 2016.

We broke up twice but officially broke up in March of 2018.

Not a day goes by where I don't think about you. Trust me when I say this.

I did not want our relationship to end in the first place but it was toxic for both of us. As much as we tried fixing things, we weren't getting anywhere and all we did was argue more and more.

It was always hard being away from you, seeing you once a month or once every couple of months. They say "amor de lejos es amor de pendejos" but the love we had for each other made the distance worth it. At the end we knew we would see each other and be together.

Things got rough after our break up, although we said we'd continue as friends we both knew it would be hard for the both of us.

We shared so many memories, good and bad, where we laughed and we cried.

Our love wasn't accepted by some. That didn't stop us from seeing each other.

I was able to be myself with you, I never had to worry about you thinking bad about me because you were just as weird as I am.

You were so goofy, so funny, so different (in a good way obviously).

You made me happy, you made me feel loved, you helped me love myself.

You were my partner in crime, LITERALLY! I got my first speeding ticket with you *laughs nervously*

I know you think that I wanted to change you, but I never wanted to change you as a person. I was just trying to help you realize that some of the people you were hanging out with weren't good people to have around you. I was trying to keep you safe, keep you healthy, keep you on this earth with me by my side!

I wish you would realize I just wanted what was best for you!!

Anytime I heard something bad about you, back then and now, it would break my heart.

People don't know you the way I did.

You're not a bad person,

It's September 11th, 2019, it breaks my heart to see how things have gone downhill.

But no matter what you've done, what people say, nothing will change the fact that I will always love you.

I'm praying for you.

Lastly, just know that I will always be here for you, and you will ALWAYS be in my heart.

I wish you the best in life.