January 20th 2017 will be the official date that President elect Donald Trump is sworn into office. These past 8 years we have felt love disagreence and other emotions towards our 44th President Barack Obama.

It is no secret that Donald Trump has found ways to make headlines in any way, but asking him to fail for these next four years is like asking your best friend to jump out of a 50 story building. President Obama has found ways to make America good and bad all at the same time. Every four or eight years a new President comes into office and holds the highest position in the world. For these next four years, if we like it or not, it is going to be Donald Trump.

Although I have found that I do not agree with him on everything, I still respect his position in authority. We see the signs "Love Trump Hates" but aren't they only doing the same with the hashtag #NotMyPresident. Because he will be making decisions for all of us for the next four years, I hate to see the man fail. We seem to forget that he is a business man who has created millions of jobs for people and turned 1million dollars into 1billion dolalars. I think if he really cares for America the way he says he does, we can be a successful country.

Of course I am expecting there to be many scandals that will he brought out by Trump. What should be the most important is how is he helping to better our country not what he said 30 years ago in a locker room. I'm not expecting the nicest things to come from his mouth, but I would never ask our President of the Untied States to fail at his job because in the end, it is only going to hurt our country and cause many more problems than we need