Donald Glover: An Inspiration
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Donald Glover: An Inspiration


Donald Glover: An Inspiration

Donald Glover has flown under the radar as being one of the most creative people in almost every entertainment industry. Starting as a writer, he landed a job writing for "30 Rock"where he made occasional cameos. He gained local publicity writing and acting for "Derek Comedy," a sketch comedy group formed by students who attended New York University. While Glover was pursuing his dream of writing, he never forgot about his one true passion: music. While in grade school, Donald was regularly bullied. Jokes about being a nerd and seeming “too white” were among the regular verbal attacks Glover faced growing up. Aspiring to become a rapper only antagonized these bullies more, ultimately breaking Glover down to the point where he gave up music. In the last song on his mixtape Culdesac, titled “The Last”, Glover expresses his state of mind during this time and how he was emotionally distraught.

Music was his one true passion and the fear of being taken as a joke prevented him from perusing his dream. He states that while writing for "30 Rock," Tina Fey took it upon herself to help Glover overcome his fears and credits her for restarting his music career. Glovers fear of being taken as a joke is one that should be expected, do to the fact that the majority of his writing and acting evolves comedy. His biggest fear was being compared to rappers such as the ones from The Lonely Island, who focus on comedy styled rap. For Glover, or Childish Gambino (Glover's stage name), this appeal was far from what he was going for. Glover’s music is soulful. It touches on love and self realization, much of which Glover knows a lot about.

His debut album, Camp, spoke about his troubled youth growing up in Georgia, and his encounters with kids from when he was younger up until now. He talks about how he never use to get the respect and attention he has recently received just because he’s becoming successful. Aside from acting, writing and rapping, Glover is also a respected comedian; having a Comedy Central half-hour special as well as an hour long special. It’s no secret that Glover is talented, but to have the courage to attempt multiple creative outlets is inspiring.

Donald Glover is arguably one of the best rappers currently in the music industry and is constantly appearing in box office films such as "The Martian"and "The Lazarus Effect." He has also stared in his own written short film "Clapping For The Wrong Reasons"which was a prelude to his second studio album Because The Internet. The album was created along with a movie script with the same name that matched up with the album as the songs helped guide along the story of the film. Donald Glover is truly an inspiration to anyone who hopes to excel as a writer, actor, comedian or musician and should be highly recognized as leading the revolution of the transcendental style of rap he has brought to us. Embrace your inner “weirdo”. #roscoeswetsuit

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