10 Reasons Why Seeing a Dog on a College Campus is Great

10 Reasons Why Seeing a Dog on a College Campus is Great

Everyone loves to pet a dog, especially when stressed out.

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We all have our days where we just need a break from the daily stresses of life and need a way to unwind. Well.... that one thing for me is petting any dog I see near campus and that is close to me. Everyone I know loves to pet dogs and it truly is a big stress reliever because they are so furry and adorable. They will make anyone's day better without even knowing it! There are many reasons seeing dogs on campus is great but these select 10 express every college kids emotions while seeing a dog on campus!

1. They are super friendly and love meeting new people!

2. Dogs comfort us during our stressful days!

3. They bring smiles to our faces when we need them the most!

4. They are a great distraction from our stresses!

5. They are a great reason to be late to class! (And a perfect excuse, don't worry.)

6. Dogs are a morale booster!

7. Name one person who frowns when looking at a dog! (No one frowns.)

8. They give you attention when no one else will!

9. They give you a chance to meet the dog owner (who will forever let you pet their dog).

10. They are fluffy and adorable; who wouldn't want to pet one?!

Every time I see a dog walking on campus, I make sure to never pass up the opportunity to pet the adorable little (or big) critter. They really are joyous creatures and are a guarantee to make your day a little bit better!

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