10 Things That Don't Actually Determine Your Self-Worth
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10 Things That Don't Actually Determine Your Self-Worth

While society may like us to believe that these 10 things have a lot of impact on our self-worth, in reality they don't.

10 Things That Don't Actually Determine Your Self-Worth

You've seen it: Instagram influencers telling you certain products they use to look better, ads for detox teas...nowadays, there's always something out there to "fix" whatever it is that you don't like about yourself. Here are 10 things that shouldn't and don't have any effect on your self-worth.

Your size.

No matter if you're six feet tall or barely five feet, your size does not determine your self-worth. While there are many companies that try to prey off your insecurities about your size, don't be drawn to them! You are perfect the way you are. While there's always the ability to better yourself physically through the gym, that's a personal decision, and your size does not in any way affect the contributions you're able to make to society.

Your GPA.

Your GPA may be able to open some doors for you, but not everyone is naturally talented in every subject. A lot of schools require you to take classes that you realllllly don't need for your major or to be successful in the "real world," so if you're struggling in a class, don't let it get you down. Seek help and talk to your professor, and you'll get it figured out!

How much money you/your parents make.

If you worked all summer at a bomb a** job and you're killing it financially, that's awesome! But, whether your parents are rich lawyers or work at McDonald's, a job is a job, and they are doing their best to provide for you. How much money or material items you possess does not in any way affect your self-worth.

Your social media following/how many likes you get.

Guess what? Who really cares if you get 3,000 likes per picture or 30? What difference does that REALLY make in the grand scheme of things? I know it feels like if you don't get a certain number of likes that people don't care about your life or your pictures, but guess what—a lot of people are busy and aren't on Instagram all the time! If you find yourself getting wrapped up in social media, try taking a break from it for a little while. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Other people.

You are never going to get along with everyone. That's literally just a fact of life, sorry to say. If you're relying on other people to determine your self-worth, you will always be miserable. Live your life for yourself and not for anyone else because at the end of the day your opinion and thoughts and feelings are the only thing that will be able to make you happy.

If you're happily taken or single and ready to mingle.

Whether you are single or taken does not affect literally anything. The right person will come at the right time. Just do things that make you happy, and whenever the time is right, that person will come into your life. Conversely, if you're dating someone, don't let them absorb your life. Still hang out with your friends and still do things that make you happy because if your whole life is wrapped up in someone else, how happy are you really?

Who you know.

You may have grown up next door to LeBron James, or you may know Taylor Swift because she went to the same elementary school as you. Regardless, who you know really does not determine your self-worth whatsoever.

Your ability to meet your goals. 

Sometimes we all fail. While having goals is a good thing, it's not the end of the world if you fail at something. I've told myself about 15 times that I had a goal to run 5 miles without stopping. Guess what? I've never accomplished it. Even though you have lofty goals for yourself, don't beat yourself up if you can only run 3/5 if the way without needing to stop for some water.

Your living circumstances. 

Whether you live in a super sick penthouse in New York City or you live in a small apartment on a college campus, your living circumstances don't determine your self-worth. Self-worth is hugely different than NET worth, which is simply how much money you own at the end of the day. Self-worth is all about how you feel about yourself, and it should depend on how you live your life, and nothing else.

Your social standing.

Some people are consumed with how others feel about them: making sure they follow all the current trends, have all the right clothes, fit in with the "cool" kids. What's really "cool" is doing something you're interested in and have a genuine passion for that makes you feel good about yourself.

There are so many factors in today's society that can determine how you feel about yourself. Remember, at the end of the day, it's your life and no one else's!

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