If you're anything like me, the college was probably one of the first times that you've gone to the doctor's office without a parent. My whole life, I've always gone with my mom. She usually took care of all the paperwork and probably knew my medical history better than I do.

Now that I've gone to the doctors alone a few time, here's a list of things that I've done while at the doctors (and I'm sure you have too.).

1. Procrastinate making an appointment.

Regardless of if I have to do it over the phone, online, in person, etc., I have a bad habit of not scheduling the appointment immediately. We all know that it would probably be way easier to just say "I'll schedule it later," but sometimes later turns into 6 months later and 10 different reminders, ranging from texts to passive-aggressive postcards.

2. Show up wayyyyy too early for said appointment.

Well, at least you aren't late, but there aren't exactly many perks to being early either. For starters, you're in the waiting room for longer than you'd like, where half of the people there should probably wear a mask but for some reason, choose not to. Hopefully, the magazines are current, and by current, I mean from the last five years...

3. Show up "too late".

You get to the office five minutes late and the receptionist tells you you're late. She says one of the following things, "Oh sorry sweetie, you're just going to have to reschedule." or "We'll squeeze you in at the next possible slot."

4. Been confused by the paperwork

At this point, I always wish that my mom was with me to help me out. Not only are you expected to fill up a fat stack of paperwork, reading all of it is a challenge. As a college student, I feel pretty confident in my ability to read, but it seems like medical paperwork just sounds foreign to me.

5. Fumbled with your stuff once your name is called.

This just might be a "me" thing, but whenever I hear my name being called, I always feel the urge to rush. It's like someone set a timer and I guess maybe I'm scared of wasting the doctors time?

6. Sit down on the bed and get self conscious when the protective paper starts to crinkle.

No matter how much you try to stay still, that paper is going to be as loud as a truck on a gravel road. So just move about as much as you want! Your experience at the doctor's office is supposed to be as comfortable as possible. No one's going to judge you for it.

7. Once the doctor or nurse starts asking you questions, your mind goes blank

You forget what you're there for in the first place. You don't remember what kinds of vitamins and medication you take on a daily basis. In the amount of time you've sat there and said "uhhhhh…" they've probably just put 'N/A' and moved on. Alternatively, you tell them about the one time you used a Hello Kitty Band-Aid when you were 5 years old when they ask you if you've had any recent injuries.

8. Attempt to read the doctors handwriting and failed.

No matter how much you squint or tilt your head, no non-medical person is going to know what your doctors note says.

9. Get nervous once they bring out your immunizations

This is another time where I wish that my mom was there with me. I'm not too scared of needles, but just the thought of the whole process makes my hands a bit clammy. It definitely helps to look away.

10. Debated about asking for something out of the prize drawer on the way out. 

Yes, you're too old and yes, I know that sparkly slap bracelet looks really cool. On the bright side, at least you can eat as much ice cream as you want once you leave!

The doctor's office is still an intimidating place and it sucks to have to take off time from school or work just to go, but it's really crucial to get checked out by a doctor! Too many adults skip out on going to see their doctor but making sure that you're healthy, especially in college, is crucial. Hopefully, after reading this, you pick up the phone and schedule that long overdue doctors appointment!