To Those Who Never Stop Talking

Do you ever stop talking? Although it is a simple question, It has so much power. A phrase used to cut the noise and promote the silence. A question that can strip you of your confidence and leave you in complete vulnerability. Recently, I was told to think back on a time when you felt embarrassed. A time when you were in the spotlight of criticism. Think back on a time, when somebody put you down for being yourself. When doing this, I could only think of a few that really stuck with me. Among these few, there was a leading factor. The words of others that made me think less of myself. Do you ever stop talking?

I understand this is merely just a question and has no rudeness intended. However, growing up, I would hear this frequently. We all know I love to talk. I wasn’t talking for the hell of it. No. I was talking to learn, to grow connections, to enjoy life. There is something special in communication. To be able to converse with others and get your point across is a miracle. People acted as if I didn’t notice I talked a lot. Trust me, I did, and still do.

I also knew that it was part of who I was. Being open and inviting to others is a gift that nobody can take away from me. When I hear the words, ‘do you ever stop talking,’ I instantly get a knot in my throat. How could somebody interrupt me with such dagger-sharp words? Asking that question was basically asking, “Are you always like this.” Of course, I am always like this. My brain works faster than my mouth. By asking me that question, you are telling me my voice doesn’t matter. So many times people are silenced, and I refused to ever be silenced. I may be annoying, or just too much for some people to handle, but tolerance is a quality that is easily accessible.

Having this recent experience taught me that an insult doesn’t have to include mean words. Asking a simple question, pointing out an obvious flaw, or anything in regards to who the person is can affect that person tremendously. I am a strong girl. Although these words have never left my brain, I have taken them for what they are worth. I still get asked the same question, instead of taking offense, I just store the memory for future reference. When I am standing on the stage in front of thousands or publishing a book for millions, there will be no question of whether I will cease my words or not. Instead, they will be begged for. Will I ever stop talking? No, and I encourage others to START talking. Your voice matters. Let the world hear it.
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