DK Metcalf Just Went From Viral Sensation To Top-10 Draft Pick

DK Metcalf Just Went From Viral Sensation To Top-10 Draft Pick

University of Mississippi wide receiver DK Metcalf made headlines with a viral post before the NFL Scouting Combine, but his results from the combine are just as impressive as his post.

With everything DK Metcalf has dreamed of on the line, the standout wide receiver from the University of Mississippi turned just as many heads in the stands at his combine results, as he did when a viral image swarmed the internet of Metcalf after a workout before going to Indianapolis for the event.

Metcalf was one of the best wide receivers to come from the school, and his talents were on full display. Now Metcalf, who was projected to be a late round pick, moved up to possibly being picked as one of the first players overall picked in the entire draft. These past few days are what any football player dreams of, and Metcalf is days away from living out his dream.

A few weeks a viral photo started to circle the internet of University of Mississippi (Ole' Miss) Wide Receiver DK Metcalf, where after a workout Metcalf was posing with other Ole' Miss receiver, AJ Brown.

From the photo, it is obvious to see that Metcalf had snuck in a few lifts after practice. Metcalf was receiving praise from critics as being the next Calvin Johnson, or Julio Jones, but the question remained that at 226 pounds, how fast would Metcalf compare to other notable receivers at the combine like, Riley Ridley, Myles Boykin, and Paris Campbell to name a few?

When Metcalf's number was called to run the 40-yard dash, his life quite possibly has changed forever.

As Metcalf took off, he looked to jump out the gates like a bat outta hell, and when he crossed the line, NFL Network combine analysis, Steve Smith Sr. said, "There were a few NFL scouts in the stands checking their stopwatches, along with others to see if they got that same time." While other players were getting praise from athletes across the board, like Kevin Durant and LeBron James to name a few, Metcalf was receiving the praise from teams across the NFL.

When running through the gauntlet section, where skill position players have to catch passes from each side as they run across the field. NFL Network analysis gave Metcalf the nickname "Batman" and as the tape showed, Metca;f was able to live up to the hype.

While being drafted in the first round of NFL Draft is any football players dream, to be a Top-10 pick, also comes a nice payday. When a viral video went through the internet later that day of Metcalf after a Facetime with his parents telling them what he had just done.

Metcalf, who is the son of former NFL player Terrence Metcalf, realized his dream of helping his family out when he would get a signing bonus. In late December when the first mock drafts were being released, it showed that Metcalf wouldn't even be taken in the first round of the draft, according to Charles Casserly. Why be no means is that terrible for Metcalf, as mentioned earlier, the payday wouldn't be as sweet compared being a top ten pick.

While the Giants look like they are going to need a quarterback to replace the aging Eli Manning, going for a mid-round QB, and finding the next Dak Prescott would allow them to steal Metcalf from other teams. Only two Wide Receivers have gone number 1 overall, Keyshawn Johnson, and Irving Fryar, Metcalf hopes to be the third later this year at the NFL Draft.

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