Meeting Albatross

Meeting Albatross



"I am someone no one has ever touched and you slept with 2 prostitutes and have profiles at dating apps, still keep looking for other girls. And you still claim you love me and are honest with me. First of all, you need to be honest with yourself and stop lying to yourself."

Today was one of those days when she just wanted to lay down somewhere (most probably in her room, with closed door and windows). But she didn't want these unruly feelings to halt her. So, she thought to write something. She fell in love when she was 28 and it was miracle for her. She loved him wholeheartedly and not in pieces or bits. From the very first moment, he became everythingness in everything for her. But she never knew love can be so painful. In spite of being strong and deep rooted person, she could feel the pain and grief somatically and spiritually. She waited all her life to be one man women, but unfortunately she met a man who had little sense of belonging or comradeship. He was someone who traded overlook over essence. He did not understand the concept of wild energy and unreasonable, reasonable, fearless, fearful, overwhelmed, tired, brave, and even trying-to-be-brave person. She trusted him and but when she came to know he was cheating on her entire mental and emotional being was hijacked and she started feeling it was just wastage and desertion of her feelings.

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