Think Of Your Favorite Disney Princess And We’ll Tell You Your 'Happily Ever After' College Major

Think Of Your Favorite Disney Princess And We’ll Tell You Your 'Happily Ever After' College Major

I should have majored in art!


There is hardly a more iconic group of ladies in existence than the Disney Princesses. Whether you're a Disney fan or not, everyone has a favorite Disney Princess. And if you don't, you're just lying to yourself (or you can't choose!). So let your favorite Disney leading lady save you the trouble and pick your college major for you.

​1. Ariel — Music/Theatre/Performing Arts


If there is one thing Ariel knows how to do, it's put on a show. If she's not singing, she's dancing; if she's just singing, there's a chance it could be a flop. Whatever the case, if you're like Ariel, you're best suited for the stage as long as you don't go making risky deals.

​2. Belle — English


Belle is the most well-read princess of them all. It's no question where you belong if you're like her: perpetually between the pages of some book or another. Join her and venture into the million different worlds that authors have created for you to enjoy. Or if you're feeling a little more ambitious, create some of your own.

​3. Cinderella — Fashion Design


This girl's shoes are one of a kind…so one of a kind that they literally were made for her. And if you're into uniqueness and creating one of a kind fashion statements as well, then Cinderella knows that fashion design is where you belong.

​4. Aurora — Nursing


With patience (100 years worth of it!) and compassion, Aurora has wonderful bedside manners. She'd be happy to teach them to you too, just as long as you can keep her away from the bed herself. She's been known to take a nap or two on the job.

​5. Tiana — Culinary Arts


If you have a dream and set out to achieve it, Tiana is probably your favorite. She's determined and won't let any froggy situation get in the way of her and her dreams. No matter what, Tiana knows that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you're anything like her, your calling is in the kitchen creating edible masterpieces. Go forth, culinary artist.

​6. Merida — Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies


Merida knows where she stands as a woman... just as tall next to a man. She knows what she deserves and won't let any stupid sexist rules get in the way of living the life she wants for herself. Take a page out of her book and go into gender, sexuality, and women's studies.

​7. Rapunzel — Art


Rapunzel could be locked away for years and still paint landscapes unlike you've ever seen before. If you share this knack for depiction, then Rapunzel knows you'll do well amongst other artists.

​8. Snow White — Interior Design


Snow White knows the importance of quality interior design. She knows exactly what colors look nice together, what furniture will make a room look larger, and what rooms a mirror should NEVER be in. If you're like Snow White, then you're destined to help others avoid the same mistakes she made with quality interior design.

​9. Mulan — ROTC


Mulan has the toughness, bravery, and courage to volunteer herself for the armed forces. If you're anything like her at all, you'll know this is your calling as well without her having to tell you. The rigor and intensity of ROTC is where you belong.

10. Pocahontas — Culture Studies


Pocahontas knows the ways of her people and knows how to be understanding and accepting of people in other cultures. To take a page out of her book, educate yourself on the ways of another culture and pass along the positivity, inclusivity, and knowledge of the ways of others.

​11. Jasmine — Zoology/Veterinary Medicine


If you're looking forward to fearlessly coming face to face with a tiger like Jasmine, then zoology or veterinary medicine is the place for you. It takes bravery and compassion to care for scary animals, but someone's gotta do it!

12. Elsa — Business


There's no one who knows how to freeze prices quite like Elsa. She knows her way around a business deal, especially when the consequences for not agreeing to her claims could be so icy. Elsa knows the art of persuasion and she wants you to learn it too.

​13. Anna — Psychology


Although she may not always spot the bad guy, Anna certainly knows how to be a good guy. All it takes is a little bit of care and compassion and even a snowman can open up to Anna. She's usually level-headed and knows how to treat other people. Psychology is the best route for Anna and her fellow princes and princesses.

​14. Moana — Biology


There's no one who quite knows the natural world like Moana. She knows the marine world, the island world, and knows how to restore the heart to goddesses. If you're like Moana, the natural world fascinates you like no other and it's calling to you to join it. Accept the call and go with the route of biology.

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Cover Image Credit: Amy Aroune

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Tips To Make This Next Semester Better Than The Last

There's always room for growth.


Was last semester rough? Did it not go the way as planned? If so, do not worry. A new semester is here and that means a new beginning. Last semester doesn't matter anymore. You must now focus on this new semester. So how can you make this semester better than your last? It may depend on your situation and what you struggled with, but here are some tips for making this new semester better than last!

1. Get your sleep


I know we're in college and we are all busy and sometimes you have to stay up late to get your work done or do the studying you need to. But as a senior about to graduate, I am telling you, get some sleep. Your brain needs to process the information from the day while you sleep, which is one reason why sleep is so important. But also, if you start going to bed at a regular time and wake up at around the same time every day, while also getting enough sleep (7-8 hours) you will be much more efficient. I cannot emphasize enough how important sleep is, so get some sleep.

2. Get organized

Organization can be an issue for some people. I'm not saying your room has to be perfectly organized 24/7, but having a cleaner space can help you focus more. Plus, you should organize your school materials and have a planner so that you don't forget a due date for a paper or you can prepare more for an exam. Planning your schedule is something you have to do sometimes in college, especially if you have a lot to do.

3. Don't stretch yourself too thin

It's very easy to say yes to things and get involved in a bunch of things, but it can be one of the worst things to do for yourself. Focus on school, an extracurricular activity, a job, and yourself. That's it. Don't try to do everything and let your mental or physical health, or your school, suffer because of it.

4. Take some time for yourself

College is a place of growth and finding yourself, so you need to take time for yourself. Go on a hike, watch a movie, do some shopping. Do whatever makes you happy. But also take time for self-reflection and growth. This is important for finding out more about yourself, but also a good way to relax.

5. Don't forget to have fun

While school is very important, take time to go to that basketball game or that concert. You need to go out and do something every once in a while, to let loose, otherwise, you might burn out. It's no fun when you're burnt out in the middle of the semester and have no motivation or the capacity to do your work. So have some fun.

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