Your Ideal College Major, Based On Your Favorite Disney Princess

Think Of Your Favorite Disney Princess And We’ll Tell You Your 'Happily Ever After' College Major

I should have majored in art!


There is hardly a more iconic group of ladies in existence than the Disney Princesses. Whether you're a Disney fan or not, everyone has a favorite Disney Princess. And if you don't, you're just lying to yourself (or you can't choose!). So let your favorite Disney leading lady save you the trouble and pick your college major for you.

​1. Ariel — Music/Theatre/Performing Arts


If there is one thing Ariel knows how to do, it's put on a show. If she's not singing, she's dancing; if she's just singing, there's a chance it could be a flop. Whatever the case, if you're like Ariel, you're best suited for the stage as long as you don't go making risky deals.

​2. Belle — English


Belle is the most well-read princess of them all. It's no question where you belong if you're like her: perpetually between the pages of some book or another. Join her and venture into the million different worlds that authors have created for you to enjoy. Or if you're feeling a little more ambitious, create some of your own.

​3. Cinderella — Fashion Design


This girl's shoes are one of a kind…so one of a kind that they literally were made for her. And if you're into uniqueness and creating one of a kind fashion statements as well, then Cinderella knows that fashion design is where you belong.

​4. Aurora — Nursing


With patience (100 years worth of it!) and compassion, Aurora has wonderful bedside manners. She'd be happy to teach them to you too, just as long as you can keep her away from the bed herself. She's been known to take a nap or two on the job.

​5. Tiana — Culinary Arts


If you have a dream and set out to achieve it, Tiana is probably your favorite. She's determined and won't let any froggy situation get in the way of her and her dreams. No matter what, Tiana knows that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you're anything like her, your calling is in the kitchen creating edible masterpieces. Go forth, culinary artist.

​6. Merida — Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies


Merida knows where she stands as a woman... just as tall next to a man. She knows what she deserves and won't let any stupid sexist rules get in the way of living the life she wants for herself. Take a page out of her book and go into gender, sexuality, and women's studies.

​7. Rapunzel — Art


Rapunzel could be locked away for years and still paint landscapes unlike you've ever seen before. If you share this knack for depiction, then Rapunzel knows you'll do well amongst other artists.

​8. Snow White — Interior Design


Snow White knows the importance of quality interior design. She knows exactly what colors look nice together, what furniture will make a room look larger, and what rooms a mirror should NEVER be in. If you're like Snow White, then you're destined to help others avoid the same mistakes she made with quality interior design.

​9. Mulan — ROTC


Mulan has the toughness, bravery, and courage to volunteer herself for the armed forces. If you're anything like her at all, you'll know this is your calling as well without her having to tell you. The rigor and intensity of ROTC is where you belong.

10. Pocahontas — Culture Studies


Pocahontas knows the ways of her people and knows how to be understanding and accepting of people in other cultures. To take a page out of her book, educate yourself on the ways of another culture and pass along the positivity, inclusivity, and knowledge of the ways of others.

​11. Jasmine — Zoology/Veterinary Medicine


If you're looking forward to fearlessly coming face to face with a tiger like Jasmine, then zoology or veterinary medicine is the place for you. It takes bravery and compassion to care for scary animals, but someone's gotta do it!

12. Elsa — Business


There's no one who knows how to freeze prices quite like Elsa. She knows her way around a business deal, especially when the consequences for not agreeing to her claims could be so icy. Elsa knows the art of persuasion and she wants you to learn it too.

​13. Anna — Psychology


Although she may not always spot the bad guy, Anna certainly knows how to be a good guy. All it takes is a little bit of care and compassion and even a snowman can open up to Anna. She's usually level-headed and knows how to treat other people. Psychology is the best route for Anna and her fellow princes and princesses.

​14. Moana — Biology


There's no one who quite knows the natural world like Moana. She knows the marine world, the island world, and knows how to restore the heart to goddesses. If you're like Moana, the natural world fascinates you like no other and it's calling to you to join it. Accept the call and go with the route of biology.

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Dear Mom and Dad, You Don't Understand What College Is Actually Like In The 21st Century

I can skip class. I can leave early, and I can show up late. But, ya see, I am not doing that.

College is not what you think it is. I am not sitting in a classroom for six hours listening to a professor speak about Shakespeare and the WW2.

I am not given homework assignments every night and told to hand them in next class.

I do not know my daily grade for each of the five classes I am taking, and I don't know if my professor even knows my name.

College today is a ton different than how it was 20+ years ago.

I go to class for about maybe three hours a day. Most of my time working on "college" is spent outside of the classroom. I am the one responsible for remembering my homework and when my ten-page essay is due.

I can skip class. I can leave early, and I can show up late. But, ya see, I am not doing that. I am a responsible person, even if you do not think I am.

I do get up every morning and drive myself to class. I do care about my assignments, grades, my degree, and my career.

I spend a lot of time on campus having conversations with my friends and relaxing outside.

I am sick of older generations thinking that us millennials are lazy, unmotivated, and ungrateful. While I am sure there are some who take things for granted, most of us paying to get a degree actually do give a s**t about our work ethic.

Dear mom and dad, I do care about my future and I am more than just a millennial looking to just get by.

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5 Tips For Incoming College Freshman

Remember when everyone told you that high school was going to be the best four years of your life.. and then it wasn't? Well now for some of you, comes the BEST and WORST four years of your life. Here's a little bit you need to know in order to be prepared for the eventful year to come.


Yes, believe it or not your parents, friends, and teachers were right. College is SO much different than high school in so many different ways. Luckily, I just survived my freshman year so I was in your place literally a year ago today. Everyone tells you how different college is from high school but they don't tell you how and that's what I'm here for! Lets just start with the 1st difference....

1. A whole new world

You will feel like your in a new world because in a way you are. You will suddenly be surrounded by so many groups of people, new cultures, different lifestyles, different languages, everything is so NEW. Not only are you not going to class with the same people everyday that you have seen in the hall for years but you are going to classes with complete strangers from all over the states and sometimes even the world. You are suddenly going to have to share a room with a stranger or even a best friend which can also lead to some issues. But what is most important to know is that even though you feel alone the first few weeks or even months... trust me so does everyone else, its okay to feel overwhelmed its normal. We all have absolutely no idea what we are doing we are all just pretending like we have somewhat of a plan. I met most of my friends my freshman year through being completely LOST on campus.

2. Making new friends

One thing that you aren't taught how to do in high school or honestly by anyone is how to make friends. I knew most people in my classes throughout high school so when I started college I hardly knew anyone besides my roommate. It definitely took me a while to branch out and start making friends but I had to remind myself to put myself out there and eventually I met some wonderful humans. Remember to always be yourself and you will attract people that WANT to be your friend. It takes time but once again, you are not alone. It will look like people already have their group and stuff but everyone is struggling just as much as you most likely.

3. Responsibilities 

The new responsibilities you will have... get prepared, they will hit you like a truck or at least they did me. You will suddenly be responsible for cleaning your room, doing your laundry, feeding yourself, doing your homework, remembering specific dates, paying bills, honestly the list becomes never ending because you are slowly becoming an adult :(((( I remember a time when I wanted to be an adult, now all i want to do is be in kindergarten taking a nap LOL, Luckily I already was familiar with most of these things as were others im sure but there are also people that haven't had to do some of the things by them selves before which can be overwhelming at times. You will eventually fall into your own personal routine and get your own system going and things will become second nature. Don't be afraid of this, just be prepared in order to have the most stress free incoming year.

4. Academics...

The real reason we are in college in the first place. Yeah, here is where your parents and teachers were right... high school courses and college courses can be either very similar or very different. It honestly depends on what the course is and who your professor is but, for the most part, college courses and professors are much different. Professors do not like to repeat themselves and expect you to remember any important dates they mention. They expect you to write it down, no excuses. In high school you teachers would give you a break but that's not really how college works. Some professors may cut you some slack but most wont. Do NOT waste a professors time and remember that even though you are paying to go to school there, you can get kicked out in a heart beat so don't risk it. Refrain from talking in class, and show up!!! you can miss one thing and the next thing you know you have a 5 page paper due in a few days. Save yourself the stress and just pay attention for the whole 50 minute or hour and a half class you have.

5. Packing 

PACK LIGHTLY!!! I packed so much unnecessary clothes, decorations, etc, that I ended up not needing or never even using. Safe as much space as you can because your dorm room will definitely get cluttered fast and you will accumulate more things throughout the year. So, pack the clothes and decor you NEED. Try your best to not over pack (as hard as it is (; )

6. Homesickness

No one:

Every college student ever: "Ugh I can't wait to go to college I hate living here!"

You know we've all said it but you will most likely get homesick at some point. My house is not far from the College at all and even I still was homesick sometimes. Its one of those things that everyone goes through so remember you are not alone. Luckily, we live in the 21st century too so you can always video chat your fam and send them some love. Its okay to be homesick just try to get more involved and do things you would do if you were at your own house. I always try to bring a few things from home too just to look at and remind myself that I will see my family soon.

Freshman year was difficult for me to adjust to as im sure it was to others, so hopefully you keep these tips in mind this summer as you prepare for your first year of college! I am excited for you all to start this next chapter, welcome to the beginning of adulthood class of 2023!


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