19 Of The Best Holiday Episodes From Your Childhood

19 Of The Best Holiday Episodes From Your Favorite Disney Channel And Nickelodeon Shows

Nickelodeon and Disney created the best holiday episodes to help get you into the holiday spirit.


We all know Nickelodeon and Disney aren't the same as they were back in the day, so it's always nice to reminisce on what once was. Every episode had a lesson to be learned, and they were often packed with meaningful moments of family and friendship.

Some of the best throwback Disney and Nick episodes were the ones that focused on the best time of year: the holiday season! Watching my favorite television characters get into the Christmas spirit always made me look forward to the month of December.

1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - "Christmas at the Tipton"

It was so sweet seeing Cody try to get his parents back together, and although he failed, the show proved that every family is different, but that doesn't mean they love each other any less. Also, I must note that Arwin may be one of Disney's most hilarious characters of all-time.

2. Big Time Rush - "Big Time Christmas"

This Christmas special included duets with Miranda Cosgrove and Snoop Dogg. What can get more iconic than that? Katie's attempt to get Mr. Bitters in the Christmas spirit always reminds me what Christmas is all about: spending time with your loved ones!

3. iCarly - "iChristmas"

When Carly wishes Spencer was born "normal," her whole world gets turned upside down. Mitch, her guardian angel, shows her what the world would be like had Spencer been born without his weird and unique personality. With its apparent references to the classic Christmas film, "It's a Wonderful Life," this episode shows that although families may fight, you're stuck with them forever; and that's a good thing!

4. "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh!"

This might be one of the best Christmas episodes ever. In an attempt to stay out of jail, Drake promises a young girl and her foster family that he will give them the best Christmas ever. Between all the mishaps and failed attempts along the way, Drake and Josh somehow show the foster family how much they care about giving them a memorable Christmas. This reminds any viewer that Christmas is the time to think of those less fortunate than you.

5. That's So Raven - "Escape Claus"

After having a vision of her opening up a beautiful necklace on Christmas, Raven decided to wear her new present a bit early. When she loses it at school, she ends up sacrificing all of her favorite Christmas traditions in order to replace it in time. This episode reminds us that Christmas isn't about gifts and being materialistic; it's about spending time with family while doing all of your favorite holiday traditions!

6. SpongeBob SquarePants - "Christmas Who"

SpongeBob spreads the joyous news to all the people of Bikini Bottom after hearing about the wonderful holiday of Christmas. The town under the sea prepares for Santa's arrival, but when he doesn't show, Squidward attempts to cheer everyone up by posing as St. Nick. Even those who act like Scrooge can prove to have a big heart when they are touched by the spirit of Christmas.

7. "The Naked Brothers Band Christmas Special"

Heartbroken over Rosalina, Nat can't seem to find his Christmas spirit, which is evident in his song "Christmas Stinks." After hearing a speech about a man that is homeless, but never gave up hope of a better future, Nat finds his holiday spirit and writes a duet with Natasha Bedingfield titled "Yes We Can."

8. Phineas & Ferb - "Christmas Vacation"

When Dr. Doofenshmirtz attempts to ruin Christmas for the entire city of Danville, Phineas and Ferb do their best to get Santa Claus to come to town. With the help of friends and even some elves from the North Pole, the two create a memorable Christmas for every member of their community. Plus, it's a musical, which makes it ten times better. You're never too old to believe in the spirit of Christmas, no matter what Candace says!

9. Even Stevens - "Heck of a Hanukkah"

Louis manages to ruin all of the Hanukkah presents, and after his family becomes furious with him, he wishes he was never born. One of his ancestors appears and shows Louis just how important he is to his family, no matter how much trouble he may cause them. This episode also tells the story of Hanukkah and is one of the only Disney episodes to highlight the holiday!

10. Good Luck Charlie - "A Duncan Christmas"

Teddy deals with the very real annoyances of trying to get a picture with Santa in the mall, and the rest of the Duncan group tries to prepare for their annual family talent show. This holiday episode gives us a very sweet Christmas song performed by Teddy and Spencer and reminds us that Christmas is all about family.

11. Lizzie McGuire - "Aaron Carter's Coming to Town"

When Aaron Carter comes to town to shoot a new music video, Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo all sneak onto the set. With a bit of Christmas luck, Miranda and Lizzie find themselves in Aaron Carter's music video, and Lizzie even gets a kiss from him under the mistletoe. Holiday miracles are real!

12. The Proud Family - "Seven Days of Kwanzaa"

In this holiday episode, Penny invites a homeless family to celebrate Christmas with the Prouds. The family teaches them about the holiday of Kwanzaa, and the values in African culture. It's a heartwarming moment to see the Proud family learn about a new holiday and open their home to those less fortunate than them, especially during the holidays!

13. Sonny with a Chance - "A So Random! Holiday Special"

This episode contained tons of holiday sketches and was hosted by my personal favorite Jo-Bro: Joe Jonas! At the end of the show, Sonny and Joe performed a holiday duet together. Fun fact: they sing the same song as Teddy and Spencer did in "A Duncan Christmas!"

14. Austin & Jessie & Ally: "All Star New Year"

What's better than a Disney crossover? In this episode, Austin Moon and the gang fly to New York to perform at Times Square on New Year's Eve. In between all the chaos, they meet Jessie and the kids she babysits, who help Austin get to the performance on time. Let's be honest, we all know Austin Moon had some undeniable hits, especially in this episode.

15. Kim Possible - "A Very Possible Christmas"

Kim never stops saving the day, even during the holidays! In an attempt to let Kim spend Christmas with her family, Ron takes the distress call and tries to defeat Dr. Drakken himself. Of course, he can't do it, so Kim and her family put their holiday on hold in order to save Ron. Drakken, Shego, and Kim put their differences aside and decide to spend Christmas together; even enemies can make up during the holidays!

16. Suite Life on Deck - "A London Carol"

London learns an important holiday lesson when she decides she doesn't want to share any of her wealth with children during the holiday season (shocking, isn't it?). When her talking mirror shows her the Christmases of past, present, and future, she learns to be more generous, especially to those less fortunate than her.

17. Hannah Montana - "The End of Jake as We Know It"

During the filming of her "Hannah Montana Holiday Special", Miley discovers that Jake cheated on her when he was away shooting a movie. After she tells him he's not getting another chance, she spends the holidays with her friends and family, and she realizes how lucky she is to have such great people in her life.

18. Fairly Odd Parents - "Christmas Every Day!"

When Timmy wishes for Christmas every day of the year, he soon realizes how much holiday magic is lost when Christmas isn't just celebrated once. Santa is overworked, and all businesses and schools are closed 365 days of the year, making it impossible for his parents to make any money. Because Cosmo and Wanda transfer their magic to Santa on Christmas Eve, it's up to Timmy to change back the calendar and fix the mess he created.

19. Rugrats - "The Santa Experience"

In this Christmas episode, Angelica learns that the only way to keep herself off the naughty list is to try to make up for all of her bad mistakes in the past. Meanwhile, the babies attempt to trap Santa Claus through a series of booby traps. This episode highlights the indescribable feeling that comes with Christmas, especially when you're a kid.

Happy Holidays!

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The Definitive Ranking Of The Official Disney Princes

Proof that Prince Charming is not the most charming.

When it comes to Disney movies, the princes are almost as important as the princesses they belong to. They have the power to make every girl swoon over their courage, sincerity and good looks or to make us yawn out of pure boredom. Just like with their female counterparts there is an obvious hierarchy among the Disney men and I have made it my mission to figure out exactly where each Prince belongs.

10. Prince Ferdinand/Florian from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"

I think the fact that he doesn't even get a name means he can't be that great. I had to do some major Googling to figure out what to call this guy, and even then no one could make up their minds between Ferdinand and Florian. He's boring, not very good looking and totally okay with kissing a dead girl. That's weird.

9. Prince Charming from "Cinderella"

I'm not sure how he got the title of "Charming" because this guy is a major snooze-fest. Plus he managed to forget what the love of is life looked like after just one day; so clearly he's a genius.

8. Prince Phillip from "Sleeping Beauty"

Of all the O.G. Disney Princes, Prince Phillip is the best, which is sad considering he has the personality of a rock. But, really, nice job slaying that dragon, dude.

7. John Smith from "Pocahontas"

Homeboy has some eyebrows that any girl would be jealous of and that jawline looks like it was chiseled by the gods, but those might be his only redeemable qualities. Let's not forget he's part of a group that refers to Native Americans as "savages" and is dead set on stealing their land. Not to mention, Mel Gibson lends the character his voice, which is reason enough to land him a low spot on the list.

6. Prince Naveen from "The Princess and the Frog"

I’m not saying he’s a gold digger… wait, yes I am. I won’t argue with the fact that Naveen is by far the most interesting of the Disney Princes, but while others find his charismatic personality refreshing, I find it creepy and narcissistic. He does get bonus points for his smooth accent and musical abilities. Plus he wasn’t totally gross as a frog.

5. Li Shang from "Mulan"

He doesn’t need a damsel in distress; he’s totally progressive and cool with dating a woman who can kick just as much Hun-butt as he can, so points there. However, he didn’t listen to Mulan when she warned him about the Huns and while his speaking voice sounds manly and perfectly fitting to the way he looks, when he sings he sounds like Donnie Osmond and that just doesn’t add up

4. Prince Adam a.k.a. The Beast from "Beauty and the Beast"

I went back and forth on where to rank Prince Adam for a really long time. There’s the obvious point deduction for the tiny fact that he locked Belle in a castle and because he was scarily possessive of that rose. But underneath the tough exterior, Adam is just a softy who desperately yearns for someone to love him beyond the way he looks. Plus, he's surprisingly handsome once the curse is lifted.

3. Aladdin from "Aladdin"

A flowing head of hair and a heart of gold make Aladdin a dream hunk among Disney men. Not to mention the way he talks about Jasmine as if she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen gave every little girl high expectations for their future prince. But let’s call it like it is: Aladdin is a liar. He made Jasmine believe he was something he isn’t so she would fall for him. You can say he did it out of love, but I say Aladdin is a player

2. Eugene Fitzherbert a.k.a. Flynn Rider from "Tangled"

Started from the bottom now we’re here. Or should I say, started as a lying, scheming, thief and transformed into a sweet, self-sacrificing man who is madly in love with Rapunzel. Flynn Rider definitely wins the award for most improved prince. The only reason he isn’t number one is his extreme cockiness. He could stand to be knocked down a peg or two.

1. Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid"

Moment of silence to admire how beautiful Prince Eric is. Those eyes. That hair. He is the epitome of cartoon physical perfection. Not only did he have the courtesy to take Ariel out on a proper date, he was a total gentleman while doing it. Add that to the fact that he put his life on the line to fight an evil sea which and save his princess’s life and you have yourself all the makings of a perfect Disney prince.

Cover Image Credit: Amanda Webster

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6 Neopets Stories That Could Have Been Real Books

If I can still feel the pain after 15 years, it should have been a real book.


As a young writer, I spent countless hours both reading and (mostly unsuccessfully) writing for The Neopian Times- a feature of Neopets.com that allowed young children to express their creativity through stories, comics, and articles. While I will absolutely not be sharing my own (few) published works to the greater public, there are a few stories that I think back to often and wonder what ever came of the authors.

1. "Sleeping Beauty"

Read it here!

My body image issues didn't begin until a couple years after I read this story, but the author tackles them very well. The protagonist is unable to see herself as beautiful, and it destroys her; it takes over her life. That's definitely something that young teens and tweens can relate to.

2. "My Vacation" (and others by jeanaet)

Read it here!

This author had a theme of writing stories about her own Neopets, and her stories were always quite entertaining to read. Her characters were always getting into exciting adventures with some emotional moments mixed in as well.

3. "Superficial"

Read it here!

One of the first series I came across, this story introduces Maybelle, who has generally always had good fortune in life, but also showcases the aspects of her life that are less than ideal (her distant relationship with her mother) and her struggle to make friends because of assumptions others make about her.

4. "There Is No Cost to Friendship"

Read it here!

This is one of the last series I remember reading. In my original review of it (on one of my Neopets pages for which the account has been deactivated) I mentioned that I constantly forgot I was reading a Neopets story when I was reading it. Some more great themes about assumptions and friendship!

5. "Playing the Part" (and others by precious_katuch14)

Read it here!

I had the hugest celebrity crush on Kat when I was in 5th-6th grade. I used to print her stories out and read them all the time, and even made a DeviantArt profile to have another connection to her. The story I was most obsessed with was "Playing the Part", a story featuring her own Neopets. I used to write my own versions of the story featuring my pets, and sometimes act the story out with my dolls.

Kat, I hope you're doing well these days.

6. "They'll Never Hear a Word We Say" (and others by sytra)

Read it here!

THIS STORY. Sytra is one of the best authors I have ever read work from, the only author who made me shed real tears over this website. This story in particular and its sequel, I felt such a strong connection to. I printed it out and even did a book report on it in seventh grade. The stories reminded me strongly of Lauren Myracle's "The Winnie Years" series, which I discovered around the same time.

"They'll Never Hear a Word We Say" ripped my soul apart and put it back together multiple times over, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sytra, I hope you're still writing things, and if you come across this, please inform me where I can purchase anything you've written professionally. As in the days of Neopets, I will read every single story.

Do you remember any of your favorite stories from Neopets?

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