Working at Walt Disney World is a magical experience that few get to have in their lives. Unlike other jobs, you actually look forward to going to work to play on your "weekends." Also unlike other jobs, you get the special pleasure of spreading happiness to guests from all over the world.

This is not to say that the job is easy. You are challenged day in and day out with, let's say unique, guest experiences and expectations. But it has made you stronger as a person as a result. You are exposed to many different cultures that broadened your understanding of the world. You know how to say basic phrases like "how many in your party?" and "remain seated, please" in at least three different languages, but you know that the most important language is non-verbal, especially when you are attempting to soothe a guest who is "critiquing" you in a language you do not understand.

After you became a cast member when was the last time you waited in line more than 30 minutes? Why would you when you can get in for free anytime. Doing a whole day at the parks is almost unthinkable at this point. It's so much better to only go for a few hours, use your three Fastpasses, maybe grab a quick bite to eat and then go home early. Sometimes it's even better to go to the parks just to relax and hang out and not even go on a single ride. Why not? Walt Disney World is your home now.

You can get Mickey waffles whenever. Random morning off? Mickey waffles at Coronado Springs. Mickey waffles at Grand Floridian. Resort hop to find the best location. But y'all know Trail's End is the best.

Once you've worked for Disney long enough you have friends everywhere in the parks. It's like in college or high school when you can walk around and say hi to friends as you go to class, except at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. And honestly, this is so. much. better.

As a cast member you find yourself spending all your money on Disney merchandise (Disney knows this...they give you a great cast discount). You can't help yourself either because you are tortured every time you go to work seeing all the other guests with the merch you want. Like rose gold ears. I swear it's a trap. You know you didn't even want them until they were impossible to get. Then it just felt like the guests who did have them were taunting you until you finally found them at WoD and bought them. But you realize you didn't even buy them because you wanted them. You only bought them because they were IMPOSSIBLE to find so the exclusivity made you feel special.

You can tell the time by fireworks. 9:00, Illuminations. 10:00, Happily Ever After. Until they went and changed the time on us to 7:55. Who does that? Don't they know we set our day by these time signals?

Being a cast member in Orlando, Florida takes FOMO to a new level. Who cares if you're exhausted from working a 60 hour week. You still feel guilty for staying home to sleep on your one day off because in Orlando there are literally THOUSANDS of things you could be doing with your time. But all you really want to do is sleep and be a normal person.

As soon as you become a cast member people suddenly start contacting you for free tickets/discounts. You haven't talked to them in almost 5 years, whoops, suddenly you're a cast member and they just happen to reach out and want to reconnect after so long, at Disney World of course. And by the way, can you get me and my extended family in for free?

Living and working at Walt Disney World is an experience that most people outside of Orlando cannot understand. It definitely has its perks, like going to Disney for free, and experiencing magical things most guests never get to see, but it also is a challenge to adapt to the "Disney" life. However, no matter how much you complain, deep down you love your job and do it for the magic you get to create every day.