DCFC Is More than a Club, It's A Family

DCFC Is More than a Club, It's A Family

Nothing will ever compare to what you will witness and be a part of at a Detroit City Football Club match.


Detroit City Football Club. It's not just a club, it's a family.

Detroit City FC broke out of the franchise system that is set up within US to form a grassroots movement that has grown to be a family. The team appointed the term "Supporter Built" after growth of the club resulted in supporters working to help fund renovations of Detroit soccers new home, Keyworth Stadium. Detroit City FC has also had a rally for Amanda, who is a huge supporter that was involved in a horrific accident during their playoff run.

The personal support that was given to her was incredible. Detroit City FC has grown from a little club into a driving force that has coverage and is well known across the United States and a ever-growing presence overseas. DCFC is fighting against the money system, Major League Soccer. More information about DCFC, as well as some visuals for what I talk about later in this article, can be found in this video:

I had the privilege of going to my very first DCFC match on May 25th. This was one week after they had a match against FC St. Pauli. The FC St. Pauli match was historic as it was not only Detroit City FC's first ever televised match but also was St. Pauli's first game and trip to the United States.

Everyone was first gathered in the street for pre-gaming with food, drinks, and overall fun. After hanging out and catching up with friends for a few hours before the match, City fans grabbed large flags and displays and held them proudly, readying to march in the street to Keyworth Stadium. Police blocked the streets so everyone could travel safely to the field. During the march, there was continuous chanting, clapping, and drum-playing. For a few minutes, the group stopped in the middle of the street where a man with a bullhorn spoke to hype everyone up before continuing on to the field.

Both at the end of the national anthem and at kickoff, smoke bombs were set off. Luckily, my friend had given me a scarf to cover my mouth with so I didn't breathe in the smoke. Anyway, it was an amazing sight. I was fortunate enough that my friend is one of the people who set off the smoke bombs, and I got to stand right next to him. I have never seen something like that before. It honestly was so amazing.

During the game, there was never a quiet moment. Drums kept the beat of every single chant, of which there were endless! A lot of chants were based on tunes from songs, so they were easy to keep up with, but all of the chants were original in their own ways. Like I said before, there was never a quiet moment, and I mean it. The chants went on continuously. There was also a super fun Tetris game, which is hard to explain other than for me to tell you to go to a game and experience it for yourself.

DCFC supporters proudly waved flags throughout the whole game. In each section, there was someone with a bullhorn leading the cheers, and their enthusiasm was like nothing I have ever seen. The crowd involvement was of the highest level I have ever experienced. I have been to football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and even other soccer events before, but nothing will ever compare to what you will witness and be a part of at DCFC. Take the crowd from every football game you have ever seen and multiply it by 100. THAT is DCFC. There really is a family love and atmosphere at these games, unlike anything.




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Detroit City FC Facebook Page

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7 Struggles Of A Girl Who Understands Sports

Other girls just don't get it.

I love sports. I live for the time of the year when football season and basketball season overlap so I can watch my two favorite sports at the same time. However, as any other girl that likes sports knows, there are a few different struggles that we experience on a day to day basis.

1. People won't believe you.

I’ve gotten very accustomed to the “look” people give you when you tell them you like to watch sports. It’s a look that reeks of disbelief. I'm sorry I don't know the blood type of the former coach's oldest son. You’ll just have to learn to let it go... but yes, I do watch sports.

2. People will try to explain the game to you.

Yes, I know that was a sack. Yes, I see that it’s a fourth down. Yes, I know what foul that was. Yes, they are about to take a free throw. Please stop talking while I watch my team play. Thanks for trying to keep me updated, though.

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3. Guys will think you are trying to impress them.

Dude, stop flirting with me while the game is on. Don’t block the TV. I need to see this. I could care less about you. My team is playing.

4. Your girl friends will never care about sports as much as you do.

You will have to beg and grovel just to get them to watch the game with you. Even then, either they won’t pay attention, or they will ask you what’s going on every couple of minutes.

5. No one finds it acceptable when you yell at the TV.

My dad yelled at the TV during football games when I was growing up. My guy friends do it. But the minute I open my mouth when my team starts losing, people start staring at me and silently begging me to act more like a lady.

6. Women's sports apparel is awful.

I get asked on a regular basis when shopping for team apparel, “Do you need me to show you where the women’s stuff is?” No, no, nope, absolutely not. I would much prefer not to run around with rhinestones on my chest or in a pink football jersey. I’m cringing at the thought.

7. You turn into a child when your team loses.

No, it is not my time of the month. You know good and well my team just lost. Don't speak. I’m going to my room to lie down under my baby blanket and eat chocolate ice cream. It’s just too much.

Cover Image Credit: Gator County Photos

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That One Time I May Have Shot An Ex-Police Officer

Yeah, you heard me.


In England, we don't really have guns, maybe hunting guns but I think it's pretty rare. Anyway, point is, barely any guns. I have never seen a gun, shot a gun, I don't even know anybody that owns a gun so as an exchange student in Oklahoma it's a novelty to visit a gun range.

I was pretty nervous about shooting but the instructor was super nice and told us how to hold the gun and load it before we went into the range. He also let us ask any questions we had about guns and explained the process of getting a gun in Oklahoma and he said he had visited Europe and was talking about England, and how he used to be a cop and opened his own gun shop. Basically a really really nice guy, which honestly makes harming him ten times worse.

We went into the range and we were shooting a 22 caliber and another guy at the range, I'm assuming a regular, asked if we wanted to fire his revolver so of course, we said yes.

This gun was definitely heavier and the trigger was super hard to pull but he kept his hand on the gun whilst I struggled with the trigger and then I fired it.

I heard a bang and I heard a yell.

I turned around and he was holding his thumb and there was blood dripping onto the floor. At this point, I thought I had shot him, so you can imagine the sheer level of panic that I was feeling.

The color drained from my face and I was frozen solid and all I could say was, "are you okay?" which was answered with a "Ma'am, put the gun down."

Basically, I'm freaking out and I look over at the lads for some form of reassurance, which was met with them looking equally as freaked out as me. So I asked,

"Do we need to call someone?"

"Yep. We are definitely gonna have to call someone"

So at this point, my nerves were shattered and I had no idea what was going on or what the procedure is for this sort of thing. I mean, the guy also took it like a champ and barely even winced and kept repeating "little lady, you're fine" – safe to say I did not feel fine nor did the situation, in my eyes, look at all fine.

Luckily the regulars knew what to do and took him to the ER so we were left in the store with another regular shooter.

Everyone else went back out to shoot but I didn't feel like assaulting/ shooting/ potentially murdering anyone else so I decided to sit this round out and talk to the woman that stayed with us and he called and said it wasn't me, something came off the bullet or gun and went into his hand- so no I didn't actually shoot him and he was going to be okay.

The point of this now very funny story is that whilst guns are cool they're also pretty dangerous.

I have no idea how someone can participate in these mass shootings because I didn't even shoot someone, only thought I did, and it was probably the most terrifying moment of my life.

So, if you are around guns, have fun, be safe and try not to send your instructor to the ER.

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