Skin Conditions That Might Require a Specialist
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Skin Conditions That Might Require a Specialist

The skin is one of the body's most important organs. When something might be wrong with your skin, it's important to get it looked at and taken care of as soon as possible.

Skin Conditions That Might Require a Specialist

Your skin is one of your body’s most important organs, and certain conditions of the skin may require treatment to help protect your skin’s quality and overall health. If you think that you might have any of these specific skin conditions, you should consider visiting a specialist to receive the most comprehensive treatment.


If you notice that your skin has become dry, irritated, or cracked in places, you may have a condition known as eczema. The condition may be caused by allergies, an infection, or even genetics. If you’re diagnosed with eczema, the specialist will likely prescribe you a topical cream or an oral medication to treat the condition. Phototherapy with ultraviolet light might also be used as a treatment method if medications haven’t been effective.


Psoriasis has many of the same symptoms as eczema but may cause additional skin thickening and can be a chronic condition. You may also notice scaly patches that form on your elbows, knees, or scalp along with other parts of your body. The condition is linked to an overactive immune system that causes skin cells to multiply much faster than normal. Creams or oral medications may offer relief, but injectable treatments or phototherapy may be recommended if your psoriasis doesn’t respond well to conventional treatments.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can manifest in different ways, and you should definitely see a dermatologist, someone like Advanced Dermatology of Northern California, if you notice any suspicious skin growths. A mole that changes color, shape, or size should always be a cause for concern. Some skin cancers can also appear as red, scaly, or irritated growths that might be mistaken for other skin conditions. Treatment will include removing the cancerous growth by incision or laser surgery and may also involve radiation therapy or chemotherapy if the cancer is in a more advanced stage.

Seborrheic Keratoses

These benign skin growths that resemble small moles or skin tags often become more frequent with age. Despite their harmless nature, you may start to feel more self-conscious about your appearance if you notice these growths on your skin. Ablation, which involves vaporizing these growths with a laser, is often a successful treatment. Liquid nitrogen might also be used to freeze the growths so that they’ll fall off on their own. Scraping or burning the growths off with electrocautery may also rid you of these growths.

Some minor skin conditions can often be treated by a primary care physician, but a specialist's care is often needed for chronic or more serious skin conditions. A local specialist who offers the most advanced treatments may have the right solution for your skin problem.

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