Depression Is Scorned In Our Indian Community, But It's Time For A Change

Depression Is Scorned In Our Indian Community, But It's Time For A Change

Indian parents sometimes refuse to acknowledge mental health disorders and that should not be the case.

A common misconception about Indians is that we're practical people. And as far as I am concerned, that is fairly accurate. We only believe in what we can see and prove. For example, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom make up water; therefore, water is proven to exist. But what scientific process can we use to legitimize a mental health disorder?

As Indians, we see every side to a problem, and we know honestly is a rare quality in today's society. So if a student claims to have depression, our minds wonder why. Is he trying to skip some math test? Is she giving herself an excuse for why her grades are mediocre? It's all lies and exaggeration when it comes to discussing depression.

We pride ourselves for being tough and for persevering when the times get difficult. Succumbing to anxiety or despondency is perceived as weakness. Frankly, it's embarrassing to admit that we are not up to the task, especially when most Indian students are compared to one another and ranked academically. We all want to be number one.

Consequently, discussions about mental health disorders are discouraged. Taking medication for just "being sad" seems silly. Adolescents are lucky if their parents notice their deteriorating mental health at all. Even if they do notice, they tell their kids that "it's just a phase."

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It's not. It is a serious problem that left unattended could negatively impact a child's life. We Indians are unwise if we think this problem will go away if we give it time. In fact, a major factor that contributes to mental health disorders is a lack of communication between parent and child. Indian parents assume that their children will blindly obey them. What they fail to recognize are independent thoughts and actions that their kids wish to express freely, but fear to do so over opposing social stigma.

In the fight to secure their children's future, they forget to fight for their children's happiness.

I'm not saying we should hate on Indian parents. You'll never find more dedicated, hardworking parents to love you unconditionally. But we must remind them how we really feel, and how we are coping against various stressors in our lives. Only if they understand us on a deep personal level can they truly help us.

Tell them that some problems you cannot solve on your own. Remind them that mental health is as important as physical health; if a broken arm warrants a doctor visit, then severe anxiety and depression should too. Take that extra step to fight for recognition so that troubled Indian children are one step closer to help.

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Goodbye To The Boy Who Sexually Assaulted Me, You Can Never Hurt Me Again

In 30 minutes you turned my life around.


*Content Warning: Sexual Assault*

You destroyed me.

You took away my innocence.

You were able to take away my dreams and aspirations.

You were able to shut me down in ways I didn't know to be possible.

In 30 minutes you turned my life around.

Broken trust, that is what you left me with. A broken sense of stability and love. Sometimes I sit and wonder why you thought it was okay to take advantage of me? Why it was okay to hit, and belittle me? You had me left feeling foreign to my own body.

But then I realize it is not my fault, it is yours. This is not a cry for help or an avenue to get attention this is me raising awareness that not only did you hurt me but others are experiencing the same thing you put me through.

My innocence was taken by you without consent. I sat in my room for hours after that night thinking of ways to end the life I was given. I spent countless nights waking up screaming with tears rushing down my face. I spent the majority of my future relationships scared of ever letting myself feel again. I was forced to take avenues of help like therapy appointments and trying different depression medicines. All of this resulted from the 30 minutes you could not control yourself.

Yes, you destroyed me. But now I'm stronger than ever, you will never be able to hurt me again.

With all of the pain and endless nights of contemplating my reason to live, I found strength, I found a way to share my voice and help others experiencing this pain. I am stronger now than I ever thought possible.

I wake up every day now appreciating the things in life that matter most to me, like the love my boyfriend has for me, the amazing family I am blessed with, and the amazing friends that helped me through this experience. I have learned that fighting for my life was worth it and I was not going to let you take that away from me.

I will not stop sharing my story, I have learned that sharing my experiences of sexual assault has let others feel less alone in the scary process that you, unfortunately, put me through. What you did to me was not okay. But through this, I have understood and realized my worth in this crazy rollercoaster we call life.

I found strength in the moments you made me the weakest, and I'm no longer looking back.

I have hope that other survivors will understand that their life is just as valuable. There is a bigger fight for happiness and finding it is not always the easiest but the journey getting there is worth it.

You ARE strong.

You ARE worth it.

It's NOT your fault.

You're NOT alone.

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline — 1-800-273-8255

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