According to Intelligencer, as of March 2019 despite 38% of people claiming to be independents, only 7% of those are "true" independents. What does this mean? Even 31% of those who claim to be independent of a partisan affiliation still lean towards either the left or right. Even if they aren't extreme lefts or rights, it just adds to the ever-growing partisanship. In a time where both the GOP and Democratic parties are at each other's throats 24/7, I thought it would be important to humble how both parties, on one topic or another, sound like idiots when they speak.

Case #1

Democrats: We need stricter gun laws, the government needs to make stronger gun-protection laws

Also Democrats: The government cannot and should not tell me what to do with my body! Why are they trying to interfere with my rights?!?

Republicans: The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms! Gun laws are unconstitutional!

Also, Republicans: *Ignores the due process clause of the 14th Amendment protecting a woman's right to an abortion

Case #2

Democrats: "Climate change and pollution are important! We need to save the planet"

Also, Democrats: *Continues to use turtles with plastic wrapped around their necks to gain attention for the need to protect the environment and starving polar bears for the need to address climate change, despite the obvious conclusion that it's not working to get conservative's attention. Refutes the idea of using actual data to support the danger if this issue isn't addressed

Republicans: "There is no such thing as climate change, the environment is fine"

Also, Republicans: *Literally experiences snow in April and see's factual, peer-reviewed data on how prevalent climate change is now and how it will affect our kin

Case #3

Democrats: "We need welfare, free-college, and higher minimum-wage"

Also, Democrats: *Has no proper education on finance and economics

Republicans: "We all worked hard for our money, we deserve it"

Also, Republicans: *Does anything in their power to get a tax-cut, donates to self-interested organizations

These are some of the most common arguments between Dems and Reps in the political arena on the daily. Although many Republicans and Democrats are not like this, it is important to keep in mind that many are. If you're a moderate Democrat or Republican in 2019, it is important to be grounded in your beliefs and help express your more "modest" opinion to those more ultra than you. It is also important to keep in mind to not judge someone as soon as they reveal which party they are associated with. Political ideology is a spectrum: A Democrat doesn't equal socialist just as a Republican doesn't equal an anarchist.