We live in a world where you either love reality television or don't. Its genre is so specific and crafted that you can only have a strong reaction either love or hate. But whatever side you may fall on, I feel that this specific type of television has more potential than to the average viewer.

When we really break it down, reality television serves us many purposes. It can teach us to love, how to host parties, how to say yes to the dress, the reasons are really endless. But above all its purpose is to entertain! How can you not want to bask in the delight of a housewives fight, or a bride melting down on her wedding day, or up close and in person with the daily life of being a pop star?

If any of those scenarios couldn't convince you, then one of these reasons is sure to convince you of why you need to tune into Bravo, TLC, VH1, or MTV immediately. You won't be sorry.

1. The cast members have problems that you will never be able to understand.

From driving from Beverly Hills across the country to pick up the right miniature horse to wondering whether you can marry someone in ninety days, reality television stars have ordinary dilemmas that we will never be able to comprehend. It’s part of what makes it exciting to watch. Seeing ridiculous people be put in even more ridiculous situations! It’s hilarious to think of how these are considered problems, and then terrifying the more you think about it.

2. It’s theater from the pleasure of your own home.

Chekhov, Shakespeare, Williams, all the greats would kill to have characters like Sheree Whitfield, Blac Chyna, and Mariah Carey. There’s no shortage of great divas, queens, and fierce ladies all in one room. And then you have on the opposite the boring, stuck-up, no fun people who are trying to bring them down. The only thing that can occur is chaos and you’re ready to consume it all, one act at a time.

3. It’s a vision of how you would act if you were ‘famous’.

While their problems are a stretch in your world, their behavior is extremely relatable. If you were in their shoes, you could see yourself acting in a similar fashion. Wanting to be notable enough where people know your name, but not where fame is the defining feature of your life. And then with that tiny amount of fame, being shocked when people have no idea who you are. Or in honestly just taking whatever they want and expecting others to give it to them. I mean, c’mon, you’re used to a life of luxury.

4. The shows are pretty damn funny.

No matter how crafted the drama might be or exaggerated personalities might appear, you can’t deny that reality television shows are hilarious. Whether the stars are just so damn charismatic, being shady as anything, or having a forgetful moment, it’s so nice to see it all on display. Watching a great comedic piece of reality television truly feels like a historical moment for all the world to see.

5. Its unapologetic nature is admirable.

What makes these shows so tantalizing are how unapologetic they are. The content is put out there, and whether you like it or not it doesn’t matter. You’re not always supposed to like them. You’re supposed to get frustrated with them, adore them, and then question why you’re watching them, like any significant other. It’s all a part of the ride.

6. Not-so-guilty pleasures are on full display.

With the shows’ shameless manner, it’s also reflective of those who we follow. All of the people we follow are complete open books. Their love for alcohol, drama and themselves is anything but hidden. It’s frankly refreshing to see people who don’t hide their faults or bad habits but embrace them.

7. Its unrealness makes it an enjoyable form of irony to watch.

While reality television may not be entirely real, that’s part of its charm. Because if there weren’t a sense of altering reality for reality television, then it wouldn’t be so great to watch! There’s only so much time before things start to fade and no longer be interesting. And it especially works when you have a smart cast who acknowledge their own falseness.